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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
03 - Harjinder Singh - Meri Khalon Maujre Gursikh Handadhe Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Hum Paapi Bhi Gat Paaye HSinghDCWale
05 - Joginder Singh Riar - Mere Khalon Maoj Re Gur Sikh Joginder Singh Riar (Ludhiane Wale) Hamaari Pyari Amrit Dhari HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 9

isr aucw nIvyN crx isir pYrI pWdy]
sir ouchaa neevae(n) charan sir pairee paa(n)dhae||
The head is high and the feet are at a low level but still the head bows upon the feet.

muhu AKI nku kMn hQ dyh Bwr aucWdy]
muhu akhee nak ka(n)n hathh dhaeh bhaar ouchaa(n)dhae||
The feet carry the burden of mouth, eyes, nose, ears, hands and the whole body.

sB ichn Cif pUjIAin kauxu krm kmWdy]
sabh chihan shhadd poojeean koun karam kamaa(n)dhae||
Then, leaving aside all the body organs, only they (feet) are worshipped.

gur srxI swDsMgqI inq cil cil jWdy]
gur saranee saadhhasa(n)gathee nith chal chal jaa(n)dhae||
They daily go to the Holy Congregation in the shelter of the Guru.

vqin praupkwr no kir pwir vsWdy]
vathan paroupakaar no kar paar vasaa(n)dhae||
Then they run for the humanitarian works and accomplish the work to the maximum possible.

myrI Klhu mOjVy gurisK hMFWdy]
maeree khalahu maajarrae gurasikh ha(n)dtaa(n)dhae||
Alas! Were it so that shoes made of my skin were used by the Sikhs of the Guru.

msqk lgy swD ryxu vfBwig ijnHW dy ]18]
masathak lagae saadhh raen vaddabhaag jinhaa(n) dhae ||18||
Whosoever gets the dust of the feet of such people (with above virtues) he is fortunate and a blessed one.(18)

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