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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
06 - Harjinder Singh - Saant Bhai Gur Gobind Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Sajna Sant Aao Mere HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 200

gauVI mhlw 5 ]
gourree mehalaa 5 ||
Gauree, Fifth Mehla:

sWiq BeI gur goibid pweI ]
saa(n)th bhee gur gobidh paaee ||
Peace and tranquility have come; the Guru, the Lord of the Universe, has brought it.

qwp pwp ibnsy myry BweI ]1] rhwau ]
thaap paap binasae maerae bhaaee ||1|| rehaao ||
The burning sins have departed, O my Siblings of Destiny. ||1||Pause||

rwm nwmu inq rsn bKwn ]
raam naam nith rasan bakhaan ||
With your tongue, continually chant the Lord's Name.

ibnsy rog Bey kilAwn ]1]
binasae rog bheae kaliaan ||1||
Disease shall depart, and you shall be saved. ||1||

pwrbRhm gux Agm bIcwr ]
paarabreham gun agam beechaar ||
Contemplate the Glorious Virtues of the Unfathomable Supreme Lord God.

swDU sMgim hY insqwr ]2]
saadhhoo sa(n)gam hai nisathaar ||2||
In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall be emancipated. ||2||

inrml gux gwvhu inq nIq ]
niramal gun gaavahu nith neeth ||
Sing the Glories of God each and every day;

geI ibAwiD aubry jn mIq ]3]
gee biaadhh oubarae jan meeth ||3||
your afflictions shall be dispelled, and you shall be saved, my humble friend. ||3||

mn bc kŪm pRBu Apnw iDAweI ]
man bach kram prabh apanaa dhhiaaee ||
In thought, word and deed, I meditate on my God.

nwnk dws qyrI srxweI ]4]102]171]
naanak dhaas thaeree saranaaee ||4||102||171||
Slave Nanak has come to Your Sanctuary. ||4||102||171||

This translation is an updated version.

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