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Shabad Kirtan
Dhadi Vaaran
Gurmat Veechar
Gurbani Uchaaran
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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
04 - Ravinder Singh - Amritsar Vich Jyot Jagavei Hazoori Ragis Amritsar Vich Jyot Jagavei Vol 3 makkarjs
03 - Ravinder Singh - Baitha Sodhi Patshah Ravinder Singh (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar) Baitha Sodhi Paatshah nihang
02 - Surinder Singh Jodhpuri - Baitha Sodhi Patshah Surinder Singh Jodhpuri Amritsar Sifti Da Ghar nihang


This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 1

idcY pUrib dyvxw ijs dI vsq iqsY Gr AwvY]
dhichai poorab dhaevanaa jis dhee vasath thisai ghar aavai||
Liabilities of the previous births have to be settled and the thing goes to the house it belongs to.

bYTw soFI pwiqswh rwmdws siqgurU khwvY]
bait(h)aa sodtee paathisaah raamadhaas sathiguroo kehaavai||
Now Guru Ram Das, a Sodhi emperor, seated on the Guru-seat is called the True Guru.

pUrn qwl KtwieAw AMimRqsr ivic joq jgwvY]
pooran thaal khattaaeiaa a(n)mrithasar vich joth jagaavai||
He got dug the complete Holy tank and here settling down at Amritsar, he spread his light.

aultw Kyl KsMm dw aultI gMg smuMidR smwvY]
oulattaa khael khasa(n)m dhaa oulattee ga(n)g samu(n)dhr samaavai||
Wondrous is the play of the Lord. He can cause Ganges running in opposite direction merge in the ocean.

idqw leIeY Awpxw Axidqw kCu hiQ n AwvY]
dhithaa leeeai aapanaa anadhithaa kashh hathh n aavai||
You get your own, given nothing cannot bring to you anything.

iPir AweI Gir Arjxy puq sMswrI gurU khwvY]
fir aaee ghar arajanae puth sa(n)saaree guroo kehaavai||
Now the Guruship entered the house of Arjan (Dev) who, to say was the son, but, he proved through his good deeds to be worthy of the Guru-seat.

jwix n dysW soFIE horis Ajr n jirAw jwvY]
jaan n dhaesaa(n) sodteeou horas ajar n jariaa jaavai||
This Guruship would not go beyond Sodhis because none else can bear with this unbearable.

Gr hI kI vQu Gry rhwvY ]47]
ghar hee kee vathh gharae rehaavai ||47||
The thing of the House should remain in the House.(47)

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