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Shabad Kirtan
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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
03 - Davinder Singh Sodhi - Koi Jaagat Rahe Davinder Singh Sodhi (Ludhiane Wale) Shabad Gurbani admin
02 - Harjinder Singh - Koyee Jaagat Rahe Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Prabhu Ki Bani HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 182

gauVI guAwryrI mhlw 5 ]
gourree guaaraeree mehalaa 5 ||
Gauree Gwaarayree, Fifth Mehla:

nYnhu nId pr idRsit ivkwr ]
nainahu needh par dhrisatt vikaar ||
The eyes are asleep in corruption, gazing upon the beauty of another.

sRvx soey suix inMd vIcwr ]
sravan soeae sun ni(n)dh veechaar ||
The ears are asleep, listening to slanderous stories.

rsnw soeI loiB mITY swid ]
rasanaa soee lobh meet(h)ai saadh ||
The tongue is asleep, in its desire for sweet flavors.

mnu soieAw mwieAw ibsmwid ]1]
man soeiaa maaeiaa bisamaadh ||1||
The mind is asleep, fascinated by Maya. ||1||

iesu igRh mih koeI jwgqu rhY ]
eis grih mehi koee jaagath rehai ||
Those who remain awake in this house are very rare;

swbqu vsqu Ehu ApnI lhY ]1] rhwau ]
saabath vasath ouhu apanee lehai ||1|| rehaao ||
by doing so, they receive the whole thing. ||1||Pause||

sgl shylI ApnY rs mwqI ]
sagal sehaelee apanai ras maathee ||
All of my companions are intoxicated with their sensory pleasures;

igRh Apuny kI Kbir n jwqI ]
grih apunae kee khabar n jaathee ||
they do not know how to guard their own home.

musnhwr pMc btvwry ]
musanehaar pa(n)ch battavaarae ||
The five thieves have plundered them;

sUny ngir pry Tghwry ]2]
soonae nagar parae t(h)agehaarae ||2||
the thugs descend upon the unguarded village. ||2||

aun qy rwKY bwpu n mweI ]
oun thae raakhai baap n maaee ||
Our mothers and fathers cannot save us from them;

aun qy rwKY mIqu n BweI ]
oun thae raakhai meeth n bhaaee ||
friends and brothers cannot protect us from them

drib isAwxp nw Eie rhqy ]
dharab siaanap naa oue rehathae ||
they cannot be restrained by wealth or cleverness.

swDsMig Eie dust vis hoqy ]3]
saadhhasa(n)g oue dhusatt vas hothae ||3||
Only through the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, can those villains be brought under control. ||3||

kir ikrpw moih swirMgpwix ]
kar kirapaa mohi saari(n)gapaan ||
Have Mercy upon me, O Lord, Sustainer of the world.

sMqn DUir srb inDwn ]
sa(n)than dhhoor sarab nidhhaan ||
The dust of the feet of the Saints is all the treasure I need.

swbqu pUMjI siqgur sMig ]
saabath poo(n)jee sathigur sa(n)g ||
In the Company of the True Guru, one's investment remains intact.

nwnku jwgY pwrbRhm kY rMig ]4]
naanak jaagai paarabreham kai ra(n)g ||4||
Nanak is awake to the Love of the Supreme Lord. ||4||

so jwgY ijsu pRBu ikrpwlu ]
so jaagai jis prabh kirapaal ||
He alone is awake, unto whom God shows His Mercy.

ieh pUMjI swbqu Dnu mwlu ]1] rhwau dUjw ]20]89]
eih poo(n)jee saabath dhhan maal ||1|| rehaao dhoojaa ||20||89||
This investment, wealth and property shall remain intact. ||1||Second Pause||20||89||

This translation is an updated version.

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