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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
02 - Sarabjit Singh - Hai Hazoor Sarabjit Singh (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar) Hai Hazoor HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1159

so mulW jo mn isau lrY ]
so mulaa(n) jo man sio larai ||
He alone is a Mullah, who struggles with his mind,

gur aupdyis kwl isau jurY ]
gur oupadhaes kaal sio jurai ||
and through the Guru's Teachings, fights with death.

kwl purK kw mrdY mwnu ]
kaal purakh kaa maradhai maan ||
He crushes the pride of the Messenger of Death.

iqsu mulw kau sdw slwmu ]1]
this mulaa ko sadhaa salaam ||1||
Unto that Mullah, I ever offer greetings of respect. ||1||

hY hjUir kq dUir bqwvhu ]
hai hajoor kath dhoor bathaavahu ||
God is present, right here at hand; why do you say that He is far away?

duMdr bwDhu suMdr pwvhu ]1] rhwau ]
dhu(n)dhar baadhhahu su(n)dhar paavahu ||1|| rehaao ||
Tie up your disturbing passions, and find the Beauteous Lord. ||1||Pause||

kwjI so ju kwieAw bIcwrY ]
kaajee so j kaaeiaa beechaarai ||
He alone is a Qazi, who contemplates the human body,

kwieAw kI Agin bRhmu prjwrY ]
kaaeiaa kee agan breham parajaarai ||
and through the fire of the body, is illumined by God.

supnY ibMdu n dyeI Jrnw ]
supanai bi(n)dh n dhaeee jharanaa ||
He does not lose his semen, even in his dreams;

iqsu kwjI kau jrw n mrnw ]2]
this kaajee ko jaraa n maranaa ||2||
for such a Qazi, there is no old age or death. ||2||

so surqwnu ju duie sr qwnY ]
so surathaan j dhue sar thaanai ||
He alone is a sultan and a king, who shoots the two arrows,

bwhir jwqw BIqir AwnY ]
baahar jaathaa bheethar aanai ||
gathers in his outgoing mind,

ggn mMfl mih lskru krY ]
gagan ma(n)ddal mehi lasakar karai ||
and assembles his army in the realm of the mind's sky, the Tenth Gate.

so surqwnu CqR isir DrY ]3]
so surathaan shhathra sir dhharai ||3||
The canopy of royalty waves over such a sultan. ||3||

jogI gorKu gorKu krY ]
jogee gorakh gorakh karai ||
The Yogi cries out, ""Gorakh, Gorakh"".

ihMdU rwm nwmu aucrY ]
hi(n)dhoo raam naam oucharai ||
The Hindu utters the Name of Raam.

muslmwn kw eyku Kudwie ]
musalamaan kaa eaek khudhaae ||
The Muslim has only One God.

kbIr kw suAwmI rihAw smwie ]4]3]11]
kabeer kaa suaamee rehiaa samaae ||4||3||11||
The Lord and Master of Kabeer is all-pervading. ||4||3||11||

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