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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
01 - Sarabjit Singh - Gobind Hum Aise Apradhi Sarabjit Singh (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar) Hum Aise Apradhi HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Raamkalee on Pannaa 970

kvn kwj isrjy jg BIqir jnim kvn Plu pwieAw ]
kavan kaaj sirajae jag bheethar janam kavan fal paaeiaa ||
For what purpose were you created and brought into the world? What rewards have you received in this life?

Bv iniD qrn qwrn icMqwmin iek inmK n iehu mnu lwieAw ]1]
bhav nidhh tharan thaaran chi(n)thaaman eik nimakh n eihu man laaeiaa ||1||
God is the boat to carry you across the terrifying world-ocean; He is the Fulfiller of the mind's desires. You have not centered your mind on Him, even for an instant. ||1||

goibMd hm AYsy AprwDI ]
gobi(n)dh ham aisae aparaadhhee ||
O Lord of the Universe, I am such a sinner!

ijin pRiB jIau ipMfu Qw dIAw iqs kI Bwau Bgiq nhI swDI ]1] rhwau ]
jin prabh jeeo pi(n)dd thhaa dheeaa this kee bhaao bhagath nehee saadhhee ||1|| rehaao ||
God gave me body and soul, but I have not practiced loving devotional worship to Him. ||1||Pause||

pr Dn pr qn pr qI inMdw pr Apbwdu n CUtY ]
par dhhan par than par thee ni(n)dhaa par apabaadh n shhoottai ||
Others' wealth, others' bodies, others' wives, others' slander and others' fights - I have not given them up.

Awvw gvnu hoqu hY Puin Puin iehu prsMgu n qUtY ]2]
aavaa gavan hoth hai fun fun eihu parasa(n)g n thoottai ||2||
For the sake of these, coming and going in reincarnation happens over and over again, and this story never ends. ||2||

ijh Gir kQw hoq hir sMqn iek inmK n kIn@o mY Pyrw ]
jih ghar kathhaa hoth har sa(n)than eik nimakh n keenho mai faeraa ||
That house, in which the Saints speak of the Lord - I have not visited it, even for an instant.

lpt cor dUq mqvwry iqn sMig sdw bsyrw ]3]
la(n)patt chor dhooth mathavaarae thin sa(n)g sadhaa basaeraa ||3||
Drunkards, thieves, and evil-doers - I constantly dwell with them. ||3||

kwm koD mwieAw md mqsr ey sMpY mo mwhI ]
kaam krodhh maaeiaa madh mathasar eae sa(n)pai mo maahee ||
Sexual desire, anger, the wine of Maya, and envy - these are what I collect within myself.

dieAw Drmu Aru gur kI syvw ey supnqir nwhI ]4]
dhaeiaa dhharam ar gur kee saevaa eae supana(n)thar naahee ||4||
Compassion, righteousness, and service to the Guru - these do not visit me, even in my dreams. ||4||

dIn dieAwl ikpwl dmodr Bgiq bCl BY hwrI ]
dheen dhaeiaal kirapaal dhamodhar bhagath bashhal bhai haaree ||
He is merciful to the meek, compassionate and benevolent, the Lover of His devotees, the Destroyer of fear.

khq kbIr BIr jn rwKhu hir syvw krau qum@wrI ]5]8]
kehath kabeer bheer jan raakhahu har saevaa karo thumhaaree ||5||8||
Says Kabeer, please protect Your humble servant from disaster; O Lord, I serve only You. ||5||8||

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