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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
01 - Harjinder Singh - Gun Govind Gahe Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Gun Govind Gahe HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Raamkalee on Pannaa 962

pauVI ]
pourree ||

iqQY qU smrQu ijQY koie nwih ]
thithhai thoo samarathh jithhai koe naahi ||
Where You are, Almighty Lord, there is no one else.

EQY qyrI rK AgnI audr mwih ]
outhhai thaeree rakh aganee oudhar maahi ||
There, in the fire of the mother's womb, You protected us.

suix kY jm ky dUq nwie qyrY Cif jwih ]
sun kai jam kae dhooth naae thaerai shhadd jaahi ||
Hearing Your Name, the Messenger of Death runs away.

Baujlu ibKmu Asgwhu gur sbdI pwir pwih ]
bhoujal bikham asagaahu gur sabadhee paar paahi ||
The terrifying, treacherous, impassible world-ocean is crossed over, through the Word of the Guru's Shabad.

ijn kau lgI ipAws AMimRqu syie Kwih ]
jin ko lagee piaas a(n)mrith saee khaahi ||
Those who feel thirst for You, take in Your Ambrosial Nectar.

kil mih eyho puMnu gux goivMd gwih ]
kal mehi eaeho pu(n)n gun govi(n)dh gaahi ||
This is the only act of goodness in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, to sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe.

sBsY no ikrpwlu sm@wly swih swih ]
sabhasai no kirapaal samhaalae saahi saahi ||
He is Merciful to all; He sustains us with each and every breath.

ibrQw koie n jwie ij AwvY quDu Awih ]9]
birathhaa koe n jaae j aavai thudhh aahi ||9||
Those who come to You with love and faith are never turned away empty-handed. ||9||

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