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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
05 - Harjinder Singh - Jeevat Mukande Marat Mukande Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Kahey Ravidas Part 4 HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Bhagat Ravi Daas Ji in Raag Gond on Pannaa 875

rwgu goNf bwxI rivdws jIau kI Gru 2
raag go(n)add baanee ravidhaas jeeo kee ghar 2
Raag Gond, The Word Of Ravi Daas Jee, Second House:

siqgur pRswid ]
ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

mukMd mukMd jphu sMswr ]
muka(n)dh muka(n)dh japahu sa(n)saar ||
Meditate on the Lord Mukanday, the Liberator, O people of the world.

ibnu mukMd qnu hoie Aauhwr ]
bin muka(n)dh than hoe aouhaar ||
Without Mukanday, the body shall be reduced to ashes.

soeI mukMdu mukiq kw dwqw ]
soee muka(n)dh mukath kaa dhaathaa ||
Mukanday is the Giver of liberation.

soeI mukMdu hmrw ipq mwqw ]1]
soee muka(n)dh hamaraa pith maathaa ||1||
Mukanday is my father and mother. ||1||

jIvq mukMdy mrq mukMdy ]
jeevath muka(n)dhae marath muka(n)dhae ||
Meditate on Mukanday in life, and meditate on Mukanday in death.

qw ky syvk kau sdw Anµdy ]1] rhwau ]
thaa kae saevak ko sadhaa ana(n)dhae ||1|| rehaao ||
His servant is blissful forever. ||1||Pause||

mukMd mukMd hmwry pRwnµ ]
muka(n)dh muka(n)dh hamaarae praana(n) ||
The Lord, Mukanday, is my breath of life.

jip mukMd msqik nIswnµ ]
jap muka(n)dh masathak neesaana(n) ||
Meditating on Mukanday, one's forehead will bear the Lord's insignia of approval.

syv mukMd krY bYrwgI ]
saev muka(n)dh karai bairaagee ||
The renunciate serves Mukanday.

soeI mukMdu durbl Dnu lwDI ]2]
soee muka(n)dh dhurabal dhhan laadhhee ||2||
Mukanday is the wealth of the poor and forlorn. ||2||

eyku mukMdu krY aupkwru ]
eaek muka(n)dh karai oupakaar ||
When the One Liberator does me a favor,

hmrw khw krY sMswru ]
hamaraa kehaa karai sa(n)saar ||
then what can the world do to me?

mytI jwiq hUey drbwir ]
maettee jaath hooeae dharabaar ||
Erasing my social status, I have entered His Court.

quhI mukMd jog jug qwir ]3]
thuhee muka(n)dh jog jug thaar ||3||
You, Mukanday, are potent throughout the four ages. ||3||

aupijE igAwnu hUAw prgws ]
oupajiou giaan hooaa paragaas ||
Spiritual wisdom has welled up, and I have been enlightened.

kir ikrpw lIny kIt dws ]
kar kirapaa leenae keett dhaas ||
In His Mercy, the Lord has made this worm His slave.

khu rivdws Ab iqRsnw cUkI ]
kahu ravidhaas ab thrisanaa chookee ||
Says Ravi Daas, now my thirst is quenched;

jip mukMd syvw qwhU kI ]4]1]
jap muka(n)dh saevaa thaahoo kee ||4||1||
I meditate on Mukanday the Liberator, and I serve Him. ||4||1||

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