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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
04 - Harjinder Singh - Je Kul Sadh Baisno Hoi Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Kahey Ravidas Part 4 HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Bhagat Ravi Daas Ji in Raag Bilaaval on Pannaa 858

iblwvlu ]
bilaaval ||

ijh kul swDu bYsnO hoie ]
jih kul saadhh baisana hoe ||
That family, into which a holy person is born,

brn Abrn rMku nhI eIsuru ibml bwsu jwnIAY jig soie ]1] rhwau ]
baran abaran ra(n)k nehee eesur bimal baas jaaneeai jag soe ||1|| rehaao ||
whether of high or low social class, whether rich or poor, shall have its pure fragrance spread all over the world. ||1||Pause||

bRhmn bYs sUd Aru K´qRI fom cMfwr mlyC mn soie ]
brehaman bais soodh ar khyathree ddom cha(n)ddaar malaeshh man soe ||
Whether he is a Brahmin, a Vaishya, a Soodra, or a Kh'shaatriya; whether he is a poet, an outcaste, or a filthy-minded person,

hoie punIq BgvMq Bjn qy Awpu qwir qwry kul doie ]1]
hoe puneeth bhagava(n)th bhajan thae aap thaar thaarae kul dhoe ||1||
he becomes pure, by meditating on the Lord God. He saves himself, and the families of both his parents. ||1||

DMin su gwau DMin so Twau DMin punIq kutMb sB loie ]
dhha(n)n s gaao dhha(n)n so t(h)aao dhha(n)n puneeth kutta(n)b sabh loe ||
Blessed is that village, and blessed is the place of his birth; blessed is his pure family, throughout all the worlds.

ijin pIAw swr rsu qjy Awn rs hoie rs mgn fwry ibKu Koie ]2]
jin peeaa saar ras thajae aan ras hoe ras magan ddaarae bikh khoe ||2||
One who drinks in the sublime essence abandons other tastes; intoxicated with this divine essence, he discards sin and corruption. ||2||

pMifq sUr CqRpiq rwjw Bgq brwbir Aauru n koie ]
pa(n)ddith soor shhathrapath raajaa bhagath baraabar aour n koe ||
Among the religious scholars, warriors and kings, there is no other equal to the Lord's devotee.

jYsy purYn pwq rhY jl smIp Bin rivdws jnmy jig Eie ]3]2]
jaisae purain paath rehai jal sameep bhan ravidhaas janamae jag oue ||3||2||
As the leaves of the water lily float free in the water, says Ravi Daas, so is their life in the world. ||3||2||

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