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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
Amrik Singh Zakhmi - Jivo Naam Sunye Amrik Singh Zakhmi Wahe Guru Tera Sabh Sadhaka (Live Recordings) HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Bilaaval on Pannaa 829

iblwvlu mhlw 5 ]
bilaaval mehalaa 5 ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

jIvau nwmu sunI ]
jeevo naam sunee ||
Hearing Your Name, I live.

jau supRsMn Bey gur pUry qb myrI Aws punI ]1] rhwau ]
jo suprasa(n)n bheae gur poorae thab maeree aas punee ||1|| rehaao ||
When the Perfect Guru became pleased with me, then my hopes were fulfilled. ||1||Pause||

pIr geI bwDI min DIrw moihE And DunI ]
peer gee baadhhee man dhheeraa mohiou anadh dhhunee ||
Pain is gone, and my mind is comforted; the music of bliss fascinates me.

aupijE cwau imln pRB pRIqm rhnu n jwie iKnI ]1]
oupajiou chaao milan prabh preetham rehan n jaae khinee ||1||
The yearning to meet my Beloved God has welled up within me. I cannot live without Him, even for an instant. ||1||

Aink Bgq Aink jn qwry ismrih Aink munI ]
anik bhagath anik jan thaarae simarehi anik munee ||
You have saved so many devotees, so many humble servants; so many silent sages contemplate You.

AMDuly itk inrDn Dnu pwieE pRB nwnk Aink gunI ]2]2]127]
a(n)dhhulae ttik niradhhan dhhan paaeiou prabh naanak anik gunee ||2||2||127||
The support of the blind, the wealth of the poor; Nanak has found God, of endless virtues. ||2||2||127||

This translation is an updated version.

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