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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
01 - Anoop Singh - Sabh Kichh Ghar Mein Baahar Nahi Anoop Singh (Una Sahib Wale) Sabh Kichh Ghar Mein Baahar Nahi HSinghDCWale
02 - Davinder Singh Sodhi & Jaspinder Narula - Jhim Jhim Varsai Amrit Dhara Davinder Singh Sodhi (Ludhiane Wale) & Jaspinder Narula Mera Ghar Baneya amitojsinghmalik
01 - 50 GYORS - Jhim Jhim Varse Amrit Dhara - Gopal Singh Various 50 Glorious Years of Recorded Shabads Volume II makkarjs
05 - Sarabjit Singh - Man Peevai Sun Sarabjit Singh (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar) Duniya HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Maajh on Pannaa 102

mwJ mhlw 5 ]
maajh mehalaa 5 ||
Maajh, Fifth Mehla:

sB ikCu Gr mih bwhir nwhI ]
sabh kishh ghar mehi baahar naahee ||
Everything is within the home of the self; there is nothing beyond.

bwhir tolY so Brim BulwhI ]
baahar ttolai so bharam bhulaahee ||
One who searches outside is deluded by doubt.

gur prswdI ijnI AMqir pwieAw so AMqir bwhir suhylw jIau ]1]
gur parasaadhee jinee a(n)thar paaeiaa so a(n)thar baahar suhaelaa jeeo ||1||
By Guru's Grace, one who has found the Lord within is happy, inwardly and outwardly. ||1||

iJim iJim vrsY AMimRq Dwrw ]
jhim jhim varasai a(n)mrith dhhaaraa ||
Slowly, gently, drop by drop, the stream of nectar trickles down within.

mnu pIvY suin sbdu bIcwrw ]
man peevai sun sabadh beechaaraa ||
The mind drinks it in, hearing and reflecting on the Word of the Shabad.

And ibnod kry idn rwqI sdw sdw hir kylw jIau ]2]
anadh binodh karae dhin raathee sadhaa sadhaa har kaelaa jeeo ||2||
It enjoys bliss and ecstasy day and night, and plays with the Lord forever and ever. ||2||

jnm jnm kw ivCuiVAw imilAw ]
janam janam kaa vishhurriaa miliaa ||
I have now been united with the Lord after having been separated and cut off from Him for so many lifetimes;

swD ik®pw qy sUkw hirAw ]
saadhh kirapaa thae sookaa hariaa ||
by the Grace of the Holy Saint, the dried-up branches have blossomed forth again in their greenery.

sumiq pwey nwmu iDAwey gurmuiK hoey mylw jIau ]3]
sumath paaeae naam dhhiaaeae guramukh hoeae maelaa jeeo ||3||
I have obtained this sublime understanding, and I meditate on the Naam; as Gurmukh, I have met the Lord. ||3||

jl qrMgu ijau jlih smwieAw ]
jal thara(n)g jio jalehi samaaeiaa ||
As the waves of water merge again with the water,

iqau joqI sMig joiq imlwieAw ]
thio jothee sa(n)g joth milaaeiaa ||
so does my light merge again into the Light.

khu nwnk BRm kty ikvwVw bhuiV n hoeIAY jaulw jIau ]4]19]26]
kahu naanak bhram kattae kivaarraa bahurr n hoeeai joulaa jeeo ||4||19||26||
Says Nanak, the veil of illusion has been cut away, and I shall not go out wandering any more. ||4||19||26||

This translation is an updated version.

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