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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
07 - Kamaljeet Singh - Tera Eko Naam Majithra Kamaljeet Singh (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar) Tuhi Tuhi admin


This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Soohee on Pannaa 729

sUhI mhlw 1 ]
soohee mehalaa 1 ||
Soohee, First Mehla:

jp qp kw bMDu byVulw ijqu lµGih vhylw ]
jap thap kaa ba(n)dhh baerrulaa jith la(n)ghehi vehaelaa ||
Build the raft of meditation and self-discipline, to carry you across the river.

nw srvru nw aUClY AYsw pMQu suhylw ]1]
naa saravar naa ooshhalai aisaa pa(n)thh suhaelaa ||1||
There will be no ocean, and no rising tides to stop you; this is how comfortable your path shall be. ||1||

qyrw eyko nwmu mMjITVw rqw myrw colw sd rMg Folw ]1] rhwau ]
thaeraa eaeko naam ma(n)jeet(h)arraa rathaa maeraa cholaa sadh ra(n)g dtolaa ||1|| rehaao ||
Your Name alone is the color, in which the robe of my body is dyed. This color is permanent, O my Beloved. ||1||Pause||

swjn cly ipAwirAw ikau mylw hoeI ]
saajan chalae piaariaa kio maelaa hoee ||
My beloved friends have departed; how will they meet the Lord?

jy gux hovih gMTVIAY mylygw soeI ]2]
jae gun hovehi ga(n)t(h)arreeai maelaegaa soee ||2||
If they have virtue in their pack, the Lord will unite them with Himself. ||2||

imilAw hoie n vICuVY jy imilAw hoeI ]
miliaa hoe n veeshhurrai jae miliaa hoee ||
Once united with Him, they will not be separated again, if they are truly united.

Awvw gauxu invwirAw hY swcw soeI ]3]
aavaa goun nivaariaa hai saachaa soee ||3||
The True Lord brings their comings and goings to an end. ||3||

haumY mwir invwirAw sIqw hY colw ]
houmai maar nivaariaa seethaa hai cholaa ||
One who subdues and eradicates egotism, sews the robe of devotion.

gur bcnI Plu pwieAw sh ky AMimRq bolw ]4]
gur bachanee fal paaeiaa seh kae a(n)mrith bolaa ||4||
Following the Word of the Guru's Teachings, she receives the fruits of her reward, the Ambrosial Words of the Lord. ||4||

nwnku khY shylIho shu Krw ipAwrw ]
naanak kehai sehaeleeho sahu kharaa piaaraa ||
Says Nanak, O soul-brides, our Husband Lord is so dear!

hm sh kyrIAw dwsIAw swcw Ksmu hmwrw ]5]2]4]
ham seh kaereeaa dhaaseeaa saachaa khasam hamaaraa ||5||2||4||
We are the servants, the hand-maidens of the Lord; He is our True Lord and Master. ||5||2||4||

This translation is an updated version.

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