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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
03 - Joginder Singh Riar - Einhi Ki Kirpa Ke Saje Joginder Singh Riar (Ludhiane Wale) Khalsa Meri Jaan Ki Jaan HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 1552

sY═Xw ]
saivayaa ||

jo kCu lyK iliKE ibDnw soeI pweIXq imsr jU Sok invwro ]myro kCU AprwD nhI gXo Xwd qy BUl nh kopu icqwro ]
jo kashh laekh likhiou bidhhanaa soee paaeeyath misar joo shok nivaaro ||maero kashhoo aparaadhh nehee gayo yaadh thae bhool neh kop chithaaro ||
O Brahmin! One only receives what the divine providence has decreed in one's destiny, you should overcome your sorrow. I have committed no crime, I forgot, don't be angry with me.

bwgo inhwlI pTY dYho Awju Bly qum ko inscY jIA Dwro ] C~qRI sBY ikRq ib~pn ky ienhMU pY ktwC ikRpw kY inhwro ] 1]
baago nihaalee pat(h)ai dhaiho aaj bhalae thum ko nisachai jeea dhhaaro || shhaathree sabhai krith bpin kae eineha(n)oo pai kattaashh kripaa kai nihaaro || 1||
I would send you to-day a winsome costume and a quilt. Be assured of this action in your mind. (You say) that all Kshatriyas are the disciples of Brahmins, look kindly on them.(1)

ju~D ijqy ien hI ky pRswid ien hI ky pRswid su dwn kry ] AG AauG trY ien hI ky pRswid ien hI ikRpw Pun Dwm Bry ]
judhh jithae ein hee kae prasaadh ein hee kae prasaadh s dhaan karae || agh aough ttarai ein hee kae prasaadh ein hee kripaa fun dhhaam bharae ||
I have won battles by dint of their (the Sikh's) support and by their favour I have bestowed donations. Through their support multitude of my sins are obliterated and with their assistance, my house is again replenished with chattels.

ien hI ky pRswid su ib~idAw leI ien hI kI ikRpw sB S~qRu mry ]ien hI kI ikRpw ky sjy hm hYN nhI moso grIb kror pry ] 2]
ein hee kae prasaadh s bidhiaa lee ein hee kee kripaa sabh shaathr marae ||ein hee kee kripaa kae sajae ham hai(n) nehee moso gareeb karor parae || 2||
Through their kindness I have acquired knowledge, and all my enemies are destroyed by their efforts. I am dignified due to them otherwise millions of impoverished persons like me, remain unsupported.(2)

syv krI ien hI kI Bwvq Aaur kI syv suhwq n jIko ] dwn dXo ien hI ko Blo Aru Awn ko dwn n lwgq nIko ]
saev karee ein hee kee bhaavath aour kee saev suhaath n jeeko || dhaan dhayo ein hee ko bhalo ar aan ko dhaan n laagath neeko ||
It pleases me to serve them. I do not prefer to serve anyone else. It is worthwhile to offer gifts to them whereas it is improper to donate to others.

AwgY PlY ien hI ko dXo jg mY jsu Aaur dXo sB PIko ] mo gRih mY mn qy qn qy isr lau Dn hY sB hI ien hI ko ] 3]
aagai falai ein hee ko dhayo jag mai jas aour dhayo sabh feeko || mo grehi mai man thae than thae sir lo dhhan hai sabh hee ein hee ko || 3||
Grants awarded to them will flourish afterwards and will bring glory in the world. Gifts given to others are all of no value. My body, my mind, my wealth and even my head and everything of my house are at their disposal.(3).

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