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Shabad Kirtan
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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
01 - Harjinder Singh - Jabey Baan Lagiyo Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Jabey Baan Lagiyo HSinghDCWale
03 - Ravinder Singh - Jabei Baan Laageyo Ravinder Singh (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar) Ab Joojhan Ko Daau makkarjs


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 143

rswvl CMd ]
rasaaval shha(n)dh ||
Rasaval Chhand

jbY bwx lwgXo ] qbY ros jwgXo ]
jabai baan laagayo || thabai ros jaagayo ||
When the arrow touched my body, it aroused my rage.

krM lY kmwxM ] hnM bwx qwxM ] 31]
kara(n) lai kamaana(n) || hana(n) baan thaana(n) || 31||
I took the bow in my hand, took aim and discharged the arrow.(31)

sbY bIr Dwey ] sroGM clwey ]
sabai beer dhhaaeae || sarogha(n) chalaaeae ||
When I showered a volley of arrows, all the (rival) warriors took to their heels.

qbY qwik bwxM ] hnXo eyk juAwxM ] 32]
thabai thaak baana(n) || hanayo eaek juaana(n) || 32||
Then I aimed an arrow at a Youngman (probably Hari Chand) and killed him.(32)

hrIcMd mwry ] su joDw lqwry ]
hareecha(n)dh maarae || s jodhhaa lathaarae ||
I killed Hari Chand and his soldiers too were trampled.

su kwroVrwXM ] vhY kwl GwXM ] 33]
s kaarorraraaya(n) || vehai kaal ghaaya(n) || 33||
That Karori Mal (the Chief of Kot Lahar) was exterminated by the hand of Death.(33)

rxM iqAwig Bwgy ] sbY qRws pwgy ]
rana(n) thiaag bhaagae || sabai thraas paagae ||
(The enemy) fled from the battlefield; they all trembled with fear.

BeI jIq myrI ] ikRpw kwl kyrI ] 34]
bhee jeeth maeree || kripaa kaal kaeree || 34||
With the favour of the Immortal Lord, I gained victory.(34)

rxM jIiq Awey ] jXM gIq gwey ]
rana(n) jeeth aaeae || jaya(n) geeth gaaeae ||
We returned after winning the battle and songs of triumph were sung.

DnM Dwr brKy ] sbY sUr hrKy ] 35]
dhhana(n) dhhaar barakhae || sabai soor harakhae || 35||
I showered money and awarded huge prizes to the warriors which made them jubilant,(35)

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