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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
04 - Jasbir Singh - Hum Eh Kaaj Jagat Mo Aaye Jasbir Singh (Paonta Sahib Waley) Shabad Gurbani from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji 2 amitojsinghmalik
06 - Niranjan Singh - Ham Eh Kaaj Jagat Mo Aaye Niranjan Singh (Jawaddi Kalan Wale) Chit Na Bhayo Hamro Aawan Keh HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 133

cOpeI ]
chaapee ||

ijn ijn nwm iqhwro iDAwieAw ] dUK pwp iqh inkt n AwieAw ]
jin jin naam thihaaro dhhiaaeiaa || dhookh paap thih nikatt n aaeiaa ||
Whosoever, have meditated on Your Name, Sufferings and vices do not hover over them.

jy jy Aaur iDAwn ko DrhIN ] bihs bihs bwdn qy mrhIN ] 41]
jae jae aour dhhiaan ko dhharehee(n) || behis behis baadhan thae marehee(n) || 41||
Forsaking You, those persons, who contemplate on another's worship, They die amidst wrangling over conflicting affairs.(41)

hm ieh kwj jgq mo Awey ] Drm hyq gurdyv pTwey ]
ham eih kaaj jagath mo aaeae || dhharam haeth guradhaev pat(h)aaeae ||
For this role, I have come to this world. The Preceptor Lord (Vaheguru) has sent me for the promotion of the Dharma.

jhW qhW qum Drm ibQwro ] dust doKIAin pkir pCwro ] 42]
jehaa(n) thehaa(n) thum dhharam bithhaaro || dhusatt dhokheean pakar pashhaaro || 42||
(The Lord said), "Spread the Dharma (Highway of righteousness) everywhere. "Seize, defeat and knock the tyrants and evil-doers down."( 42)

XwhI kwj Drw hm jnmM ] smJ lyhu swDU sB mn mM ]
yaahee kaaj dhharaa ham janama(n) || samajh laehu saadhhoo sabh man ma(n) ||
For this purpose, I have taken birth. Let all the saints know it in their inner selves.

prm clwvn sMq aubwrn ] dust sBn ko mUl aupwrn ] 43]
param chalaavan sa(n)th oubaaran || dhusatt sabhan ko mool oupaaran || 43||
(That my aim is) to spread the Dharma (Truth) and to save the holy men. And to weed out the wicked enmasse.(43)

jy jy Bey pihl Avqwrw ] Awpu Awpu iqn jwpu aucwrw ]
jae jae bheae pehil avathaaraa || aap aap thin jaap ouchaaraa ||
Those earlier incarnations who appeared before (Guru Nanak), They urged the people to worship their names.

pRB dooKI koeI n ibdwrw ] Drm krn ko rwhu n fwrw ] 44]
prabh dhookhee koee n bidhaaraa || dhharam karan ko raahu n ddaaraa || 44||
They (the incarnations) did not destroy any foe of the Lord. They did not make the people to follow the path of the Dharma.(44)

jy jy gaus AMbIAw Bey ] mY mY krq jgq qy gey ]
jae jae gous a(n)beeaa bheae || mai mai karath jagath thae geae ||
The Muslim Saints and Prophets who came to the world, Full of ego, they, too, left this world.

mhwprK kwhU n pCwnw ] krm Drm ko kCU n jwnw ] 45]
mehaaparakh kaahoo n pashhaanaa || karam dhharam ko kashhoo n jaanaa || 45||
None of them recognized the Supreme Lord. Neither did they consider the Dharma activities as essential.( 45)

Avrn kI Awsw ikCu nwhI ] eykY Aws Dro mn mwhI ]
avaran kee aasaa kishh naahee || eaekai aas dhharo man maahee ||
Reliance on others is futile. Place your trust only in One Formless Lord.

Awn Aws aupjq ikCu nwhI ] vw kI Aws DroN mn mwhI ] 46]
aan aas oupajath kishh naahee || vaa kee aas dhharo(n) man maahee || 46||
To rely on anyone else is useless. Put all your hopes only on Him (The Supreme Soul). (46)

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