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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
01 - Niranjan Singh - Chit Na Bhayo Humro Aawan Keh Niranjan Singh (Jawaddi Kalan Wale) Chit Na Bhayo Hamro Aawan Keh HSinghDCWale
01 - Davinder Singh Sodhi - Ab Main Apni Katha Bakhano Davinder Singh Sodhi (Ludhiane Wale) Charnah Gobind Marg Sohava admin
01 - Harbans Singh - Ab Main Apni Katha Bakhano Harbans Singh (Jagadhari Wale) Ab Main Apni Katha Bakhano amitojsinghmalik
06 - Anoop Singh - Abb Main Apni Katha Bakhano Anoop Singh (Una Sahib Wale) Gobind Marg Suhawa HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 127

cOpeI ]
chaapee ||

Ab mY ApnI kQw bKwno ] qp swDq ijh ibiD muih Awno ]
ab mai apanee kathhaa bakhaano || thap saadhhath jih bidhh muhi aano ||
Now I narrate my own biography. How was it that I was brought into the world while I was engrossed in carrying out ascetic practices.

hym kMut prbq hY jhW ] spq isMRg soiBq hY qhW ] 1]
haem ka(n)utt parabath hai jehaa(n) || sapath si(n)rag sobhith hai thehaa(n) || 1||
The spot was the mount named Hem Kunt (the snow tank) There, the Sat Shring (seven peaks) look gorgeous. (1) Note: This site is in North India in the Himalayan range, near the temple Badrinath.

spq isMRg iqh nwmu khwvw ] pMfu rwj jh jogu kmwvw ]
sapath si(n)rag thih naam kehaavaa || pa(n)dd raaj jeh jog kamaavaa ||
That site is called Sat Shring, Where the Pandu king (father of five Pandus) practised Yoga (abstract meditation undertaken to bring the soul into union with the Supreme spirit).

qh hm AiDk qp`isAw swDI ] mhwkwl kwilkw ArwDI ]2]
theh ham adhhik thapaasiaa saadhhee || mehaakaal kaalikaa araadhhee ||2||
At that spot, I performed austere penances, and Invoked the succour of the Timeless-Universal Destroyer and His Primal Power.(2)

ieh ibiD krq qpisAw BXo ] dYUu qy eyk rUp hYUu gXo ]
eih bidhh karath thapasiaa bhayo || dhaioo thae eaek roop haioo gayo ||
I carried on practising austerities in such a way, Till I became one out of two forms (merged into the Divine Being).

qwq mwq mur AlK ArwDw ] bhu ibiD jog swDnw swDw ] 3]
thaath maath mur alakh araadhhaa || bahu bidhh jog saadhhanaa saadhhaa || 3||
(Here in India) my mother and father contemplated the Invisible Lord, And performed many sorts of Yogic practices (meditation, concentration of mind and union with the Lord).(3)

iqn jo krI AlK kI syvw ] qw qy Bey pRsMn gurdyvw ]
thin jo karee alakh kee saevaa || thaa thae bheae prasa(n)n guradhaevaa ||
They rendered such a service to the Incomprehensible Lord, That the Enlightener Lord was pleased.

iqn pRB jb Awies muih dIAw ] qb hm jnm klU mih lIAw ] 4]
thin prabh jab aaeis muhi dheeaa || thab ham janam kaloo mehi leeaa || 4||
When the Lord ordered me, I took birth in the Kali Yuga (Iron age).(4)

icq n BXo hmro Awvn kh ] cuBI rhI sRuiq pRBu crnn mh ]
chith n bhayo hamaro aavan keh || chubhee rehee sruth prabh charanan meh ||
I had no intention to come (to this world), As I was so engrossed in intense love for the holy feet of the Lord.

ijau iqau pRB hm ko smJwXo ] iem kih kY ieh lok pTwXo ] 5]
jio thio prabh ham ko samajhaayo || eim kehi kai eih lok pat(h)aayo || 5||
Somehow, the Lord made me understand (His aim), And having spoken the following words, He sent me to this world.(5)

Akwl purK bwc ies kIt pRiq ]
akaal purakh baach eis keett prath ||
Speech of the Timeless Lord to this worm:

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