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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
01 - Anoop Singh - Mer Karo Anoop Singh (Una Sahib Wale) Mer Karo admin


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 108

svYXw ]
savaiyaa ||

myru kro iqRx qy muih jwih grIb invwj n dUsr qo so ]
maer karo thrin thae muhi jaahi gareeb nivaaj n dhoosar tho so ||
You made me a mountain (like Meru) from a straw. There is no such a Sustainer of the poor as you are.

BUl iCmo hmrI pRB Awpn BUlnhwr khUM koaU mo so ]
bhool shhimo hamaree prabh aapan bhoolanehaar kehoo(n) kooo mo so ||
Lord! forgive me for my mistakes; there is no other forgetful blunderer except me.

syv krI qumrI iqn ky sB hI igRh dyKIAq dRb Bro so ]
saev karee thumaree thin kae sabh hee grih dhaekheeath dhrab bharo so ||
Those who have served You, their homes are noticed over-flowing with wealth.

Xw kl mYN sB kwl ikRpwn ky BwhI Bujwn ko BwrI Broso ]92]
yaa kal mai(n) sabh kaal kripaan kae bhaahee bhujaan ko bhaaree bharoso ||92||
In this Iron age, I rely completely on the mighty arms of the wielder of the Sword which is the manifestation of the Timeless One.(92)

sMuB insMuB sy kot inswcr jwih iCnyk ibKY hn fwry ]
sa(n)ubh nisa(n)ubh sae kott nisaachar jaahi shhinaek bikhai han ddaarae ||
He exterminated millions of demons like Shumbh and Nishumb in an instant.

DUmrlocn cMf AO muMf sy mwhK sy pl bIc invwry ]
dhhoomaralochan cha(n)dd a mu(n)dd sae maahakh sae pal beech nivaarae ||
He destroyed the demon like Dhumar Lochan, Chand, Mund and Mahikhiisur in a moment.

cwmr sy rx ic~Cr sy rkiq~Cx sy Jt dY JJkwry ]
chaamar sae ran chshhir sae rakathshhin sae jhatt dhai jhajhakaarae ||
He chopped, in the battlefield, the demons like Chamar, Chachhar and Raktichchhan (having red eyes) in no time.

AYso su swihb pwie khw prvwh rhI ieh dws iqhwry ] 93]
aiso s saahib paae kehaa paravaah rehee eih dhaas thihaarae || 93||
Having realized a Lord like You, this servant of Yours, does not care for anyone else.(93)

muMfhu sy mDukItB sy mur sy AG sy ijin koit dly hYN ]
mu(n)ddahu sae madhhukeettabh sae mur sae agh sae jin kott dhalae hai(n) ||
He has crushed millions of demons like Mund, Madhu, Kaitabh, Mur and Aghasur.

Et krI kbhUM n ijnY rx cot prI pg dYUu n tly hYN ]
outt karee kabehoo(n) n jinai ran chott paree pag dhaioo n ttalae hai(n) ||
Those who never sought support in the battlefield from anyone else and who, facing the onslaught of the enemy's weapons, did not retreat even two steps.

isMD ibKY jy n bUfy inswcr pwvk bwx bhy n jly hYN ]
si(n)dhh bikhai jae n booddae nisaachar paavak baan behae n jalae hai(n) ||
Those demons who could not be drowned in the sea and who could not be burnt by the shower of fiery arrows.

qy Ais qor iblok Alok su lwj ko Cwif kY Bwij cly hYN ] 94]
thae as thor bilok alok s laaj ko shhaadd kai bhaaj chalae hai(n) || 94||
Seeing Your wondrous sword, they felt shamefaced and fled.(94)

rwvx sy mhrwvx sy Gtkwnhu sy pl bIc pCwry ]
raavan sae meharaavan sae ghattakaanahu sae pal beech pashhaarae ||
He defeated Ravan (ten-headed king of Ceylone), Maharavan (having one thousand heads) and Kumbh Karan (Ravan's brother) in an instant.

bwirdnwd AkMpn sy jg jMg jury ijn isau jm hwry ]
baaridhanaadh aka(n)pan sae jag ja(n)g jurae jin sio jam haarae ||
When the warriors like Megh Nad (son of Ravan) and Akampan (Maternal uncle of Ravan and his minister) engaged in battle, even Yama (the god of death) was routed by them.

kMuB AkMuB sy jIq sBY jg swq hUM isMD hQIAwr pKwry ]
ka(n)ubh aka(n)ubh sae jeeth sabhai jag saath hoo(n) si(n)dhh hathheeaar pakhaarae ||
Having conquered the whole world, Kumbh and Akumbh (sons of Kumbh Karan) washed their weapons in the seven seas.

jy jy huqy Akty ibkty su kty kir kwl ikRpwn ky mwry ]95]
jae jae huthae akattae bikattae s kattae kar kaal kripaan kae maarae ||95||
Such numerous warriors, who could neither be chopped, nor amputated, were all cut and killed by the sword in the hand of the Universal , Destroyer.(95)

jo khUM kwl qy Bwj ky bwcIAq qo ikh kuMt kho Bij jeIAY ]
jo kehoo(n) kaal thae bhaaj kae baacheeath tho kih ku(n)tt keho bhaj jeeai ||
If one tries to escape by running from the Universal Destroyer; then, tell me, in which direction shall he flee?

Awgy hUM kwl Dry Ais gwjq Cwjq hY ijh qy nis AeIAY ]
aagae hoo(n) kaal dhharae as gaajath shhaajath hai jih thae nas aeeai ||
Wherever one may go, the Universal Destroyer, wielding the sword elegantly roars ahead; how can one beat a retreat from Him?

AYso n kY gXo koeI su dwv ry jwih aupwv so Gwv bceIAY ]
aiso n kai gayo koee s dhaav rae jaahi oupaav so ghaav bacheeai ||
None has revealed a technique to date, by means of which one can make one's getaway from the assault of the Universal Destroyer.

jW qy n CUtIAY mUV khUM hs qW kI ikauN n srxwgiq jeIAY ] 96]
jaa(n) thae n shhootteeai moorr kehoo(n) has thaa(n) kee kiou(n) n saranaagath jeeai || 96||
O stupid! He (the Universal Destroyer) from whom your escape is impossible, then why not go gladly under His shelter.(96)

ikRsn AO ibsn jpy quih koitk rwm rhIm BlI ibiD iDAwXo ]
krisan a bisan japae thuhi kottik raam reheem bhalee bidhh dhhiaayo ||
You have recited the names of millions of Krishnas and Vishnus, and have respectably meditated on Rama and Rasul (the prophet).

bRhm jipE Aru sMBu QipE iqh qy quih ko iknhUM n bcwXo ]
breham japiou ar sa(n)bh thhapiou thih thae thuhi ko kinehoo(n) n bachaayo ||
You worshipped Brahma, and you installed Shiva as a deity but none can rescue you from the Kal

kot krI qpsw idn koitk kwhUM n kOfI ko kwm kFwXo ]
kott karee thapasaa dhin kottik kaahoo(n) n kaaddee ko kaam kadtaayo ||
You undertook millions of penances (ascetic practices) for millions of days, but you did not get a reward even for the value of a cowrie

kwmku mMqR ksIry ky kwm n kwl ko Gwau iknhUM n bcwXo ] 97]
kaamak ma(n)thr kaseerae kae kaam n kaal ko ghaao kinehoo(n) n bachaayo || 97||
The incantation recited for the accomplishment of worldly desires is not worth a dime as none can guard you against the onslaught of the Universal Destroyer. (97)

kwhy ko kUr krY qpsw ien kI koaU kOfI ky kwm n AYhY ]
kaahae ko koor karai thapasaa ein kee kooo kaaddee kae kaam n aihai ||
Why do you perform such false austerities for those gods in order to be blessed; as none of them can procure you a return of a dime.

qoih bcwie skY khu kYsy kY Awpn Gwv bcwie n AYhY ]
thohi bachaae sakai kahu kaisae kai aapan ghaav bachaae n aihai ||
How can he afford you security; who himself is imperilled by the blow of the Universal Destroyer.

kop krwl kI pwvk kMuf mY Awp tMigE iqm qoih tMgYhY ]
kop karaal kee paavak ka(n)udd mai aap tta(n)giou thim thohi tta(n)gaihai ||
They are all being hung in the furiously dreadful pit of fire; they shall, likewise, cause you to be hung in the same fire.

cyq ry cyq Ajo jIA mYN jV kwl ikRpw ibnu kwm n AYhY ] 98]
chaeth rae chaeth ajo jeea mai(n) jarr kaal kripaa bin kaam n aihai || 98||
O stupid! remember Him (the Kal) even now from the bottom of your heart; without His grace, none (no god) will be of use to you.(98)

qwih pCwnq hY n mhw psu jw ko pRqwpu iqhMU pur mwhI ]
thaahi pashhaanath hai n mehaa pas jaa ko prathaap thiha(n)oo pur maahee ||
O extremely stupid! you do not recognize Him; whose majesty prevails in the three worlds.

pUjq hY prmysr kY ijh ky prsY prlok prwhI ]
poojath hai paramaesar kai jih kae parasai paralok paraahee ||
They whom you worship as God, by mere touching them, you are debarred from the next world.

pwp kro prmwrQ kY ijh pwpn qy Aiq pwp ljwhI ]
paap karo paramaarathh kai jih paapan thae ath paap lajaahee ||
Under the pretence of superb spiritual knowledge, you are committing such sins, realizing which even the greatest sins feel abashed.

pwie pro prmysr ky jV pwhn mYN prmysr nwhI ] 99]
paae paro paramaesar kae jarr paahan mai(n) paramaesar naahee || 99||
O stupid! fall at the feet of the Supreme Spirit as there is no Supreme Lord in these stone­idols.(99)

mon Bjy nhI mwn qjy nhI ByK sjy nhI mUMf muMfwey ]
mon bhajae nehee maan thajae nehee bhaekh sajae nehee moo(n)dd mu(n)ddaaeae ||
He is not realizable by worshipping in silence, by abandoning self-pride, by putting on guises and by shaving the head.

kMT n kMTI kTor Dry nhI sIs jtwn ky jUt suhwey ]
ka(n)t(h) n ka(n)t(h)ee kat(h)or dhharae nehee sees jattaan kae joott suhaaeae ||
The Lord is not attainable by wearing a hard necklace of wooden beads round the neck and by making a knot of matted hair on the head.

swcu khoN sun lY icq dY ibnu dIn idAwl kI swm isDwey ]
saach keho(n) sun lai chith dhai bin dheen dhiaal kee saam sidhhaaeae ||
I pronounce verily and you should listen quite attentively; without going under the refuge of the Beneficent to the downtrodden, He is not realizable.

pRIiq kry pRBu pwXq hY ikRpwl n BIjq lWf ktwey ] 100]
preeth karae prabh paayath hai kripaal n bheejath laa(n)dd kattaaeae || 100||
The Lord can only be obtained with Love. The merciful Lord is not pleased by those who circumcise. (100)

kwgd dIp sBY kir kY Aru swq smuMdRn kI msu kY hoN ]
kaagadh dheep sabhai kar kai ar saath samu(n)dhran kee mas kai ho(n) ||
If all the continents are converted into paper and all the seven seas into ink;

kwt bnwspqI sgrI ilKby hUM ky lyKn kwj bnY hoN ]
kaatt banaasapathee sagaree likhabae hoo(n) kae laekhan kaaj banai ho(n) ||
If all the vegetation is carved into pens for the purpose of writing.

swrsuqI bkqw kir kY juig koit gnys kY hwQ ilKY hoN ]
saarasuthee bakathaa kar kai jug kott ganaes kai haathh likhai ho(n) ||
If Sarasvati (the goddess of art, learning and speech) be made the eulogist and Ganesh (the lord of minor deities and writer of Mahabharat) be made the writer of His eulogies with his hands for millions of ages;

kwl ikRpwl ibnw ibnqI n qaU qum kO pRBu nYk irJY hoN ] 101]
kaal kripaal binaa binathee n thoo thum ka prabh naik rijhai ho(n) || 101||
O, the Universal Destroyer, the Sword Wielder, even then without kneeling in supplication to You, You cannot be pleased even a bit.(101)

ieiq sRI bicqR nwtk gMRQy sRI kwl jI kI ausqiq ipRQm iDAwey sMpUrn suBm squ ]1] APjU ]
eith sree bachithr naattak ga(n)rathhae sree kaal jee kee ousathath prithham dhhiaaeae sa(n)pooran subham sath ||1|| afajoo ||
The end of the first canto "The Eulogy of .the Universal Destroyer" in the Sacred Book of Bachittar Natak. It is complete and may be auspicious. (1) Aggregate=101.

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