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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
01 - Surinder Singh Jodhpuri - Bang Ke Bangali Surinder Singh Jodhpuri Bang Ke Bangali nihang


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 84

q pRswid ] kib~q ]
thv prasaadh || kabth ||
By Thy Grace. Kabitt.

AqR ky cl~Xw iCq CqR ky Dr~Xw CqR DwrIEN ky Cl~Xw mhw sqRn ky swl hYN ]
athr kae chalaayaa shhith shhathr kae dhharaayaa shhathr dhhaareeou(n) kae shhalaayaa mehaa sathran kae saal hai(n) ||
Thou art the Hurler of arms (missiles-weapons flung), the Holder of a canopy over Thy head on earth, Deceiver of holders of canopy (Kings) and Perforator of mighty foes.

dwn ky idv~Xw mhw mwn ky bF~Xw Avswn ky idv~Xw hYN kt~Xw jwm jwl hYN ]
dhaan kae dhivaayaa mehaa maan kae badtaayaa avasaan kae dhivaayaa hai(n) kattaayaa jaam jaal hai(n) ||
Thou art the Bestower of gifts, the Enhancer of considerable honour, the giver of consciousness and intelligence and the Cutter of Death's noose.

ju~D ky ijq~Xw AO ibru~D ky imt~Xw mhW b~uiD ky idv~Xw mhW mwnhUM ky mwn hYN ]
judhh kae jithaayaa a birudhh kae mittaayaa mehaa(n) baudhh kae dhivaayaa mehaa(n) maanehoo(n) kae maan hai(n) ||
Thou art the Victor in battle, the Remover of the opposition, the Bestower of superb intelligence, and the Honour of the most honoured.

igAwn hUM ky igAwqw mhW b~uiDqw ky dwqw dyv kwl hUM ky kwl mhw kwl hUM ky kwl hYN ]1]253]
giaan hoo(n) kae giaathaa mehaa(n) baudhhithaa kae dhaathaa dhaev kaal hoo(n) kae kaal mehaa kaal hoo(n) kae kaal hai(n) ||1||253||
Thou art proficient knower of divine knowledge, the preceptor, bestower of superior intellect, Annihilator of death and Destroyer of the god of death.(1)(253)

pUrbI n pwr pwvYN ihMgulw ihmwlY iDAwvYN gor gurdyjI gun gwvNY qyry nwm hNY ]
poorabee n paar paavai(n) hi(n)gulaa himaalai dhhiaavai(n) gor guradhaejee gun gaava(n)ai thaerae naam ha(n)ai ||
The dwellers of the east could not know Thy limits, the inhabitants of Hingala and Himalaya mountains meditate on Thee, the residents of Gor and Gardez (regions in Afghanistan) sing the praises of Thy name.

jogI jog swDY paun swDnw ikqyk bwDY Awrb ky AwrbI ArwDNY qyry nwm hNY ]
jogee jog saadhhai poun saadhhanaa kithaek baadhhai aarab kae aarabee araadhha(n)ai thaerae naam ha(n)ai ||
Yogis practice yoga, many are engaged in breath exercises, Arabs of Arabia worship Thy name.

Prw ky iPrMgI mwnNY kMDwrI kurysI jwnYN pCm ky p~CmI pCwnNY inj kwm hYN ]
faraa kae fira(n)gee maana(n)ai ka(n)dhhaaree kuraesee jaanai(n) pashham kae paashhamee pashhaana(n)ai nij kaam hai(n) ||
The French people of France revere Thee, residents of Kandhar (in Afghanistan) and Qureshis (an Arabic clan) know Thee and inhabitants of the West recognize their moral obligation (to remember Thy name).

bMg ky bMgwlI iPrhMg ky iPrMgwvwlI idlI ky idlvwlI qyrI AwigAw mY clq hNY ]
ba(n)g kae ba(n)gaalee fireha(n)g kae fira(n)gaavaalee dhilee kae dhilavaalee thaeree aagiaa mai chalath ha(n)ai ||
Bengalis of Bengal, Europeans of Europe, and Delhites of Delhi, all obey Thy command.

goKw gun gwvY cIn mcIn ky sIs nXwvY iq```bqI iDAwie dyK dyh ko dlq hYN ]
gokhaa gun gaavai cheen macheen kae sees nayaavai thbithee dhhiaae dhaekh dhaeh ko dhalath hai(n) ||
Gorkhas sing Thy praises, Chinese and Manchurians bow their heads before Thee and Tibetans remember Thee and annihilate their physical suffering.

ijnY qoih iDAwieE iqnY pUrn pRqwp pwieE srb Dn Dwm Pl PUl mNo Plq hYN ] 3]255]
jinai thohi dhhiaaeiou thinai pooran prathaap paaeiou sarab dhhan dhhaam fal fool ma(n)o falath hai(n) || 3||255||
He, who meditated on Thee, achieved perfect glory, and his house brims over with all fruit, flowers and wealth.(3)(255)

dyv dyvqwn kO surys dwnvwn kO mhys gMg Dwn kO ABys khIAqu hYN ]
dhaev dhaevathaan ka suraes dhaanavaan ka mehaes ga(n)g dhhaan ka abhaes keheeath hai(n) ||
Thou art revered by gods; Thou art (Indra), the Lord of gods ; Thou art (Shiva), the channel of the Ganges (to flow through his hair); nevertheless, art said to be garbless.

rMg mNY rMgIn rwg rUp mNY pRbIn AOr kwhU pY n dIn swD ADIn khIAqu hNY ]
ra(n)g ma(n)ai ra(n)geen raag roop ma(n)ai prabeen aar kaahoo pai n dheen saadhh adhheen keheeath ha(n)ai ||
Thou art pleasure-loving, Thou art proficient in adornment and beauty, Thou art not dependent on anyone. Thou art described to be under the influence of the saints only.

pweIAY n pwr qyj puMj mYN Apwr srb ibidAw ky audwr hNY Apwr khIAqu hYN ]
paaeeai n paar thaej pu(n)j mai(n) apaar sarab bidhiaa kae oudhaar ha(n)ai apaar keheeath hai(n) ||
Thy limit cannot be found, Thou art unsurpassed in excessive splendour. Thou imparts all learning. Thou art said to be unbounded.

hwQI kI pukwr pl pwCY phucq qwih cItI kI icMAwr pihly hI sunIAqu hYN ]4]256]
haathhee kee pukaar pal paashhai pahuchath thaahi cheettee kee chi(n)aar pehilae hee suneeath hai(n) ||4||256||
The scream of an elephant reaches Thee after a moment, but Thou hears a cry of an ant much earlier. (4)(256)

kyqy ieMdR duAwr kyqy bRhmw muK cwr kyqy ikRsnw Avqwr kyqy rwm khIAqu hYN ]
kaethae ei(n)dhr dhuaar kaethae brehamaa mukh chaar kaethae krisanaa avathaar kaethae raam keheeath hai(n) ||
It is said that at Thy gate, there are many Indras, many Brahmas (having four faces), many incarnations of Krishna and Rama.

kyqy sis rwsI kyqy sUrj pRkwsI kyqy muMfIAw audwsI jog duAwr khIAqu hYN ]
kaethae sas raasee kaethae sooraj prakaasee kaethae mu(n)ddeeaa oudhaasee jog dhuaar keheeath hai(n) ||
Many born in lunar zodiacal signs (or houses), many belonging to solar race, many shaven ascetics and Yogis who have renounced the world, are burning themselves as a penance in open fire at Thy gate.

kyqy mhwdIn kyqy ibAws sy pRbIn kyqy kumyr kulIn kyqy jC khIAqu hYN ]
kaethae mehaadheen kaethae biaas sae prabeen kaethae kumaer kuleen kaethae jashh keheeath hai(n) ||
There are many Mohammeds, many proficient sages like Vyasa, many Kuberas and many of. noble family and many are called as Yakshas.

krq hYN ibcwr pY n pUrn ko pwvY pwr qwhI qy Apwr inrwpwr lhIAqu hYN ] 5]257]
karath hai(n) bichaar pai n pooran ko paavai paar thaahee thae apaar niraapaar leheeath hai(n) || 5||257||
They contemplate Thee but O Accomplished One, they cannot find Thy limit. This is why, O shoreless Lord, Thou art considered as supportless.(5)(257)

pUrn Avqwr inrwDwr hY n pwrwvwr pweIAY n pwr pY Apwr kY bKwnIAY ]
pooran avathaar niraadhhaar hai n paaraavaar paaeeai n paar pai apaar kai bakhaaneeai ||
Thou art an Absolute Incarnation who needs no support, Thy near and far side limits are not known, Thy far side limit cannot be found, therefore Thou art called fathomless.

AdYUu AibnwsI prm pUrn pRkwsI mhw rUp hUM ky rwsI hYN AnwsI kY kY mwnIAY ]
adhaioo abinaasee param pooran prakaasee mehaa roop hoo(n) kae raasee hai(n) anaasee kai kai maaneeai ||
Thou art without a second, without destruction, an extremely perfect illuminator, an asset of excessive beauty and art recognized as ambitionless.

jMqR hUM n jwq jw kI bwp hUM n mwie qw kI pUrn pRBw kI su Ctw kY AnumwnIAY ]
ja(n)thr hoo(n) n jaath jaa kee baap hoo(n) n maae thaa kee pooran prabhaa kee s shhattaa kai anumaaneeai ||
Thou hast no birth-place, no caste, no father and no mother; Thy perfect lustre is estimated to be at par. with exquisite floodlight.

qyj hUM ko qMqR hYN ik rwjsI ko jMqR hYN ik mohnI ko mMqR hYN injMqR kY kY jwnIAY ] 6]258]
thaej hoo(n) ko tha(n)thr hai(n) k raajasee ko ja(n)thr hai(n) k mohanee ko ma(n)thr hai(n) nija(n)thr kai kai jaaneeai || 6||258||
Thou art a doctrine of energy, art an appliance of politics, art a spell of bringing under control and art known to be a Controller.(6)(258)

qyj hUM ko qru hNY ik rwjsI ko sru hYN ik su~Dqw ko Gru hNY ik is~Dqw kI swr hYN ]
thaej hoo(n) ko thar ha(n)ai k raajasee ko sar hai(n) k sudhhathaa ko ghar ha(n)ai k sdhhithaa kee saar hai(n) ||
Art Thou a tree of majesty, or an ocean of state affairs, or an abode of purity, or an essence of accomplishment?

kwmnw kI Kwn hNY ik swDnw kI swn hYN ibrkqqw kI bwn hNY ik bu~iD ko audwru hYN ]
kaamanaa kee khaan ha(n)ai k saadhhanaa kee saan hai(n) birakathathaa kee baan ha(n)ai k budhh ko oudhaar hai(n) ||
Art Thou a mine of lust, or a glory of ascetic discipline, or a habit of absence of desire or passion, or a bestower of intelligence?

suMdr srUp hNY ik BUpn ko BUp hYN ik rUp hUM ko rUp hYN kumiq ko pRhwru hYN ]
su(n)dhar saroop ha(n)ai k bhoopan ko bhoop hai(n) k roop hoo(n) ko roop hai(n) kumath ko prehaar hai(n) ||
Art Thou beautiful in form? or a sovereign of kings, or a hue of beauty or an obliterator of wicked mind?

dInn ko dwqw hNY gnImn ko gwrk hYN swDn ko r~Ck hNY gunn ko phwru hYN ] 7]259]
dheenan ko dhaathaa ha(n)ai ganeeman ko gaarak hai(n) saadhhan ko raashhak ha(n)ai gunan ko pehaar hai(n) || 7||259||
Art Thou beneficent to the destitute, or a destroyer of enemies, or a protector of saints, or a mountain of talents ?(7)(259)

is~D ko srUp hNY ik buiD ko ibBUiq hNY ik kRuD ko ABUq hNY ik A`CY AibnwsI hYN ]
sdhh ko saroop ha(n)ai k budhh ko bibhooth ha(n)ai k krudhh ko abhooth ha(n)ai k aashhai abinaasee hai(n) ||
Art Thou embodiment of supernatural power, or art wealth of intelligence, or art downfall of anger, or art imperishable and undestroyable.

kwm ko kuinMdw hYN ik KUbI ko dihMdw hYN gnIm ko girMdw hYN ik qyj ko pRkwsI hYN ]
kaam ko kuni(n)dhaa hai(n) k khoobee ko dhehi(n)dhaa hai(n) ganeem ko gari(n)dhaa hai(n) k thaej ko prakaasee hai(n) ||
Art Thou the doer of a job, or giver of virtue, or annihilator of foes, or illuminator of light?

kwl hUM ko kwl hYN ik sqRn ko swl hYN ik imqRn ko poKq hYN ik ibRDqw ko bwsI hYN ]
kaal hoo(n) ko kaal hai(n) k sathran ko saal hai(n) k mithran ko pokhath hai(n) k bridhhathaa ko baasee hai(n) ||
Art Thou the destroyer of Death, or ravager of enemies, or nourisher of friends, or dost Thou abound in prosperity?

jog hUM ko jMqR hYN ik qyj hUM ko qMqR hYN ik mohnI ko mMqR hYN ik pUrn pRkwsI hYN ]8]260]
jog hoo(n) ko ja(n)thr hai(n) k thaej hoo(n) ko tha(n)thr hai(n) k mohanee ko ma(n)thr hai(n) k pooran prakaasee hai(n) ||8||260||
Art Thou an amulet to gain control over Yoga, or a treatise on lustre, or a magical formula of enchantment or a perfectly lustrous lord ?(8)(260)

rUp ko invws hYN ik bu~iD ko pRkws hYN ik is~Dqw ko bws hYN ik bu~iD hUM ko Gru hYN ]
roop ko nivaas hai(n) k budhh ko prakaas hai(n) k sdhhithaa ko baas hai(n) k budhh hoo(n) ko ghar hai(n) ||
Art Thou the domicile of beauty? Dost Thou enlighten intellect, or art Thou the residence, of success or the abode of wisdom?

dyvn ko dyv hYN inrMjn AByv hYN Adyvn ko dyv hYN ik su~Dqw ko sru hYN ]
dhaevan ko dhaev hai(n) nira(n)jan abhaev hai(n) adhaevan ko dhaev hai(n) k sudhhathaa ko sar hai(n) ||
Art Thou the Sacred Lord of demigods, or art Thou devoid of illusion and dost Thy real nature remain unknown, or art Thou revered even by demons, or art Thou an ocean of purity?

jwn ko bc~Xw hYN iemwn ko idv~Xw hYN jm jwl ko kt~Xw hYN ik kwmnw ko kru hYN ]
jaan ko bachaayaa hai(n) eimaan ko dhivaayaa hai(n) jam jaal ko kattaayaa hai(n) k kaamanaa ko kar hai(n) ||
Art Thou the saviour of life, or art Thou the bestower of religion, or art Thou the chopper of noose of death, or art Thou the fulfiller of desires?

qyj ko pRcMf hYN AKMfx ko KMf hYN mhIpn ko mMf hYN ik iesqRI hYN n nru hYN ]9]261]
thaej ko pracha(n)dd hai(n) akha(n)ddan ko kha(n)dd hai(n) meheepan ko ma(n)dd hai(n) k eisathree hai(n) n nar hai(n) ||9||261||
Art Thou the vehemence of ardour? Dost Thou break the unbreakable into pieces? Dost Thou crown the kings? Art Thou neither a woman, nor a man ?(9)(261)

ibsUu ko Brn hYN ik Apdw ko hrn hYN ik suK ko krn hYN ik qyj ko pRkws hYN ]
bisoo ko bharan hai(n) k apadhaa ko haran hai(n) k sukh ko karan hai(n) k thaej ko prakaas hai(n) ||
Art Thou the nurturer of the whole Universe, or art Thou the eliminator of adversity, or art Thou the provider of comforts, or art Thou the illuminator of lustre?

pweIAY n pwr pwrwvwr hUM ko pwr jW ko kIjq ibcwr suibcwr ko invws hYN ]
paaeeai n paar paaraavaar hoo(n) ko paar jaa(n) ko keejath bichaar subichaar ko nivaas hai(n) ||
None can fathom nearer and further limits of Thee who art on the other side. After deliberation one discovers that Thou art an establishment of splendid ideas.

dyvn ko dyv mhwdyv hUM ky dyv hYN inrMjn AByv nwQ AdYUu Aibnws hYN ] 10]262]
dhaevan ko dhaev mehaadhaev hoo(n) kae dhaev hai(n) nira(n)jan abhaev naathh adhaioo abinaas hai(n) || 10||262||
Thou art the Deity of gods. Thou art the Lord of the great god Vishnu. Thou art devoid of the illusion and without distinction. Thou art non dual and art destroyed never.(10)(262)

AMjn ibhIn hYN inrMjn pRbIn hYN ik syvk ADIn hYN kt~Xw jm jwl ky ]
a(n)jan biheen hai(n) nira(n)jan prabeen hai(n) k saevak adhheen hai(n) kattaayaa jam jaal kae ||
Art Thou without illusion, or Art Thou an intellectual, unattached to worldly love and worldly goods, or Art Thou under the influence of those who serve Thee, or art Thou the cutter of snare of death.

dyvn ky dyv mhwdyv hUM ky dyvnwQ BUm ky Buj~Xw hYN muhXw mhw bwl ky ]
dhaevan kae dhaev mehaadhaev hoo(n) kae dhaevanaathh bhoom kae bhujaayaa hai(n) muhayaa mehaa baal kae ||
Thou art the Deity of demigods. Thou art the Supreme Lord of great gods. Thou enjoys worldly pleasures, or Thou art the enchanter of the great damsel Maya (Lakshmi).

rwjn ky rwjw mhw swj hUM ky swjw mhw jog hUM ko jog hYN Dr~Xw dRm Cwl ky ]
raajan kae raajaa mehaa saaj hoo(n) kae saajaa mehaa jog hoo(n) ko jog hai(n) dhharaayaa dhram shhaal kae ||
Art Thou a king of kings, or an artificer of mammoth instruments, or an ascetic, wearing merely bark of a tree to cover Thy body, among those who perform austere yoga practices?

kwmnw ky kru hYN kubu~Dqw ko hru hYN ik is~Dqw ky swQI hYN ik kwl hYN kucwl ky ]11]263]
kaamanaa kae kar hai(n) kubudhhathaa ko har hai(n) k sdhhithaa kae saathhee hai(n) k kaal hai(n) kuchaal kae ||11||263||
Art Thou the discharger of desires, or the obliterator of foolishness, or the companion of accomplishment, or the death of immorality ?(11)(263)

CIr kYsI CIrwvD CwC kYsI C~qRwnyr Cpwkr kYsI Cib kwilMdRI ky kUl kY ]
shheer kaisee shheeraavadhh shhaashh kaisee shhaathraanaer shhapaakar kaisee shhab kaali(n)dhree kae kool kai ||
Your fame or public esteem is like milk in the ocean of milk, like butter-milk of Chhattarpur (in Central India), like lustre of the moon (night illuminator) on the banks of Jamuna (originating from the mountain Kalind);

hMsnI sI sIhwrUm hIrw sI husYnwbwd gMgw kYsI Dwr clI swqo isMD rUl kY ]
ha(n)sanee see seehaaroom heeraa see husainaabaadh ga(n)gaa kaisee dhhaar chalee saatho si(n)dhh rool kai ||
Like a swan female in Istanbul, Turkey inhabited by Shiah Muslims, like a diamond in Hussainabad (a city in Bihar), like a current of the Ganges when it mingles with the seven seas.

pwrw sI plwaUgF rUpw kY sI rwmpur sorw sI surMgwbwd nIkY rhI JUl kY ]
paaraa see palaaoogadt roopaa kai see raamapur soraa see sura(n)gaabaadh neekai rehee jhool kai ||
Like mercury in Palaugadlh (a district in Chhota Nagpur), like silver in Rampur (U.P.), like nitre in Sarangpur (Madhya Pradesh) enjoying nicely a ride on a swing.

cMpw sI cMdyrI kot cWdnI sI cWdwgVH kIriq iqhwrI rhI mwlqI sI PUl kY ] 12]264]
cha(n)paa see cha(n)dhaeree kott chaa(n)dhanee see chaa(n)dhaagarrh keerath thihaaree rehee maalathee see fool kai || 12||264||
Like Champa flowers (Michelia Campaca), in Chanderi Kot (a town in Lallitpur district of M.P.), like moonlight in Chandagarh (a city in M.P.), Thy fame flourishes like the Malati (white Jasmine) flower. (12)(264)

Ptk sI kYlws kmWaUgVH kWsIpRr sIsw sI surMgwbwd nIkY sohIAqu hY ]
fattak see kailaas kamaa(n)oogarrh kaa(n)seeprar seesaa see sura(n)gaabaadh neekai soheeath hai ||
Like crystal in Kailas (a mountain, north of Mansarovar lake and South of Tibet), Kamaungarh (a fort city in Assam) and Kashipur, like mirror in Surangabad (or Sarangpur,) looks befitting.

ihMmw sI ihmwlYhr hwr sI h~lbw nyr hMs kYsI hwjIpur dyKy mohIAqu hY ]
hi(n)maa see himaalaihar haar see haalabaa naer ha(n)s kaisee haajeepur dhaekhae moheeath hai ||
Your fame is Like white snow in Himalayas, like white snake (Shiv's necklace) in Halab city (in Syria) and like a white swan in Hajipur (a town in Bihar), on seeing which the heart is bewitched.

cMdn sI cMpwvqI cMdRmw sI cMdRwigr cWdnI sI cWdwgVH jOn johIAqu hY ]
cha(n)dhan see cha(n)paavathee cha(n)dhramaa see cha(n)dhraagir chaa(n)dhanee see chaa(n)dhaagarrh jaan joheeath hai ||
Like white sandal in Champavati (a town in Rajasthan), like moon in Chandargiri (a mountain in Nepal) and like moonlight in Chandagarh (a town in M.P.) its glitter is seen.

gMgw sm gMgDwr bkwn sI bilMdwvwd kIriq iqhwrI kI auijAwrI sohIAqu hY ] 13]265]
ga(n)gaa sam ga(n)gadhhaar bakaan see bali(n)dhaavaadh keerath thihaaree kee oujiaaree soheeath hai || 13||265||
Like the Ganges flowing through Shiv's head (upholder of the Ganges) and like cranes in Buland Shahar (a town in HP.), the light of Thy public esteem adds to Thy beauty.(13)(265)

Prw sI iPrMgI PrwsIs ky durMgI mkrwn ky imRdMgI qyry gIq gweIAqu hY ]
faraa see fira(n)gee faraasees kae dhura(n)gee makaraan kae mridha(n)gee thaerae geeth gaaeeath hai ||
The Persians (Iranians), Europeans, two-coloured citizens of France, tambourine players of Makran (a province in Iran) sing Thy praises.

pUrb plwaUN kwm rUp AO kmwaUN srb Taur mY ibrwjY jhW jhNw jweIAqu hY ]
poorab palaaoo(n) kaam roop a kamaaoo(n) sarab t(h)our mai biraajai jehaa(n) jeha(n)aa jaaeeath hai ||
Wherever one goes in the East, in Plaun, in Kamrup and in Kumaun, Thou art seated majestically at all those places.

pUrn pRqwpI jMqR mMqR qy AqwpI nwQ kIriq iqhwrI ko n pwr pweIAqu hY ] 14] 266]
pooran prathaapee ja(n)thr ma(n)thr thae athaapee naathh keerath thihaaree ko n paar paaeeath hai || 14|| 266||
O, perfectly glorious and unattainable Lord by virtue of written and spoken incantations; Thy renown cannot be measured.(14)(266)

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