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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
05 - Jasbir Singh - Deenan Ki Pritpaal Karai Jasbir Singh (Paonta Sahib Waley) Shabad Gurbani from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji 1 amitojsinghmalik
02 - Jasbir Singh - Rogan Tey Ar Sogan Tey Jasbir Singh (Paonta Sahib Waley) Shabad Gurbani from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji 2 amitojsinghmalik


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 81

q pRswid ] sUu~Xy ]
thv prasaadh || soouyae ||
By Thy Grace. Swayye.

dInn kI pRiqpwl krY inq sMq aubwr gnImn gwrY ]
dheenan kee prathipaal karai nith sa(n)th oubaar ganeeman gaarai ||
He always nourishes the wretched and the helpless; He releases the saints from distress and pulverises the opponents.

p~C psU ng nwg nrwDp srb smY sB ko pRiqpwrY ]
paashh pasoo nag naag naraadhhap sarab samai sabh ko prathipaarai ||
He nourishes invariably all the birds, beasts, mountains, snakes and kings.

poKq hY jl mY Ql mY pl mY kil ky nhIN krm ibcwrY ]
pokhath hai jal mai thhal mai pal mai kal kae nehee(n) karam bichaarai ||
He instantly nurtures creatures living in water and on land and does not appraise their evil acts.

dIn dieAwl dieAw iniD doKn dyKq hY pr dyq n hwrY ] 1]243]
dheen dhaeiaal dhaeiaa nidhh dhokhan dhaekhath hai par dhaeth n haarai || 1||243||
He is compassionate to the poor and is treasure of mercy. He discerns the failings of all but does not prevent them from having daily food.(1)(243)

dwhq hY duK doKn kO dl du~jn ky pl mY dl fwrY ]
dhaahath hai dhukh dhokhan ka dhal dhujan kae pal mai dhal ddaarai ||
He eradicates sufferings and offences and tramples on the multitudes of scoundrels in a moment

KMf AKMf pRcMf phwrn pUrn pyRm kI pRIq sBwrY ]
kha(n)dd akha(n)dd pracha(n)dd pehaaran pooran paeram kee preeth sabhaarai ||
He breaks the unbreakable, assaults extremely ferocious persons. He supports those who are committed to serve Him with loving devotion.

pwr n pwie skY pdmw piq byd kqyb AByd aucwrY ]
paar n paae sakai padhamaa path baedh kathaeb abhaedh ouchaarai ||
Even Vishnu (Lord of wealth) could not find His limits.. Vedas and Semitic scriptures declare Him to be inexplicable.

rojI hI rwj iblokq rwjk roK rUhwn kI rojI n twrY ] 2]244]
rojee hee raaj bilokath raajak rokh roohaan kee rojee n ttaarai || 2||244||
He, the sustainer of daily necessities of life, daily perceives into our stealthy actions; though annoyed, nevertheless He does not withhold their daily bread.(2)(244)

kIt pqMg kurMg BujMgm BUq Biv~K Bvwn bnwey ]
keett patha(n)g kura(n)g bhuja(n)gam bhooth bhavkh bhavaan banaaeae ||
He created insects, moths, deer, snakes, the past, the future and the present.

dyv Adyv Kpy AhMmyv n Byv liKE BRm isE Brmwey ]
dhaev adhaev khapae aha(n)maev n bhaev lakhiou bhram siou bharamaaeae ||
The gods and demons perished through their pride; they failed to comprehend His mystery. He deluded all through illusion.

byd purwn kqyb kurwn hsyb Qky kr hwQ n Awey ]
baedh puraan kathaeb kuraan hasaeb thhakae kar haathh n aaeae ||
(Hindu scriptures) Vedas, Puranas; (Muslim and Semitic Texts) Katebas and Quran grew weary of giving His account but He did not come to their possession.

pUrn pyRm pRBwau ibnw piq isau ikn sIR pdmw piq pwey ] 3]245]
pooran paeram prabhaao binaa path sio kin seer padhamaa path paaeae || 3||245||
Without the complete persuasion of. devotional love, none has ever attained God (Lord of maya) with dignity.(3)(245)

Awid AnMq AgwD AdYUuK su BUq Biv~K Bvwn ABY hY ]
aadh ana(n)th agaadhh adhaiooukh s bhooth bhavkh bhavaan abhai hai ||
He is Primal, unbounded, fathomless and spiteless. He is without fear at all times-the past, the future and the present

AMiq ibhIn Anwqm Awp Adwg AdoK AiC~dR ACY hY ]
a(n)th biheen anaatham aap adhaag adhokh ashhdhr ashhai hai ||
He is without end and without the inner faculty i.e. (heart, soul, mind and conscience. He is Self Soul). He is stainless, guiltless, faultless and undecayable.

logn ky krqw hrqw jl mY Ql mY Brqw pRB vY hY ]
logan kae karathaa harathaa jal mai thhal mai bharathaa prabh vai hai ||
He creates, preserves and destroys all inhabitants of aqueous and terrestrial domains.

dIn dieAwl dieAw kr sRI piq sMudr sRI pdmw piq ey hY ] 4]246]
dheen dhaeiaal dhaeiaa kar sree path sa(n)udhar sree padhamaa path eae hai || 4||246||
He (the Lord of illusion) is compassionate to the poor and is a treasure of mercy. The Lord of wealth is beautiful.(4)(246)

kwm n koRD n loB n moh n rog n sog n Bog n BY hY ]
kaam n koradhh n lobh n moh n rog n sog n bhog n bhai hai ||
He has no lust, no wrath, no greed, no worldly love, no ailment, no grief, no enjoyment and no fright

dyh ibhIn snyh sBo qn nyh ibrkq Agyh ACY hY ]
dhaeh biheen sanaeh sabho than naeh birakath agaeh ashhai hai ||
He is incorporeal and has affection for all. He is without sensual love, without dwelling and is indestructible

jwn ko dyq Ajwn ko dyq jmIn ko dyq jmwn ko dY hY ]
jaan ko dhaeth ajaan ko dhaeth jameen ko dhaeth jamaan ko dhai hai ||
He bestows on the learned; He contributes to the ignorant; He provides to the earthly people; He gives those who live in the sky.

kwhy ko folq hY qumrI suD suMdr sRI pdmw piq lYhY ] 5]247]
kaahae ko ddolath hai thumaree sudhh su(n)dhar sree padhamaa path laihai || 5||247||
O man! why are you disappointed? The glorious and beautiful Lord of illusion shall care for you.(5)(247)

rogn qy Ar sogn qy jl jogn qy bhu BWiq bcwvY ]
rogan thae ar sogan thae jal jogan thae bahu bhaa(n)th bachaavai ||
He safeguards from maladies, grief and aquatic animals in a number of ways.

s~qRu Anyk clwvq Gwv qaU qn eyk n lwgn pwvY ]
saathr anaek chalaavath ghaav thoo than eaek n laagan paavai ||
The enemy may strike many a blow, yet a minor injury cannot be inflicted on the body.

rwKq hY Apno kr dY kr pwp sMbUh n Bytn pwvY ]
raakhath hai apano kar dhai kar paap sa(n)booh n bhaettan paavai ||
He holds out his hand to protect and hampers the multitude of sins from approaching.

AOr kI bwq khw kh qo sON su pyt hI ky pt bIc bcwvY ] 6]248]
aar kee baath kehaa keh tho saa(n) s paett hee kae patt beech bachaavai || 6||248||
What else need I mention to you about other matters, He even protects (the embryo) in the membrane of the womb (of the mother).(6)(248)

j~C BujMg su dwnv dyv AByv qumY sB hI kr iDAwvYN ]
jaashh bhuja(n)g s dhaanav dhaev abhaev thumai sabh hee kar dhhiaavai(n) ||
Yakshas, serpents, demons and gods-all meditate on You, the Enigmatic Lord!

BUim Akws pqwl rswql j~C BujMg sBY isr inAwvYN ]
bhoom akaas pathaal rasaathal jaashh bhuja(n)g sabhai sir niaavai(n) ||
Yakshas, serpents and all creatures inhabiting earth, sky, infernal world and the lowest nether region, all bow their heads to You.

pwie skY nhI pwr pRBw hU ko nyq hI nyqh byd bqwvYN ]
paae sakai nehee paar prabhaa hoo ko naeth hee naetheh baedh bathaavai(n) ||
They cannot gauge Your eminence even Vedas expound You as infinite.

Koj Qky sB hI KujIAw sur hwr pry hir hwQ n AwvY ] 7]249]
khoj thhakae sabh hee khujeeaa sur haar parae har haathh n aavai || 7||249||
All demigods who, tried to explore You, grew weary of their search; they failed and could not find You, O Lord.(7)(249)

nwrd sy cqurwnn sy rumnw irK sy sB hUM imil gwieE ]
naaradh sae chathuraanan sae rumanaa rikh sae sabh hoo(n) mil gaaeiou ||
Sages like Narada, gods like four-faced Brahma and bards like Rumna (a disciple of Brahma and reciter of Puranas) all joined together to sing His praises.

byd kqyb n Byd liKE sB hwr pry hir hwQ n AwieE ]
baedh kathaeb n bhaedh lakhiou sabh haar parae har haathh n aaeiou ||
The Vedas and the Ketabas (Semitic Scriptures) have not found His secret; all have suffered defeat, but the Lord was realized by none.

pwie skY nhI pwr aumwpiq is~D snwQ snMqn iDAwieE ]
paae sakai nehee paar oumaapath sdhh sanaathh sana(n)than dhhiaaeiou ||
Shiv (Lord of Parvati) could not find His limit. Accomplished ascetics, members of Gorakh Nath sect and Sanak etc. (four mind-born sons of Brahma) have been meditating upon Him.

iDAwn Dro iqh ko mn mYN ijh ko Aimqoij sBY jgu CwieE ] 8]250]
dhhiaan dhharo thih ko man mai(n) jih ko amithoj sabhai jag shhaaeiou || 8||250||
Put your mind to Him whose unlimited power holds sway over the whole world.(8)(250)

byd purwn kqyb kurwn AByd inRpwn sBY pc hwry ]
baedh puraan kathaeb kuraan abhaedh nripaan sabhai pach haarae ||
Adherents of Vedas, Puranas, Ketabas (Semitic Scriptures) and Koran and celebrated kings strained their nerves and perished.

Byd n pwie sikE AnByd ko Kydq hY AnCyd pukwry ]
bhaedh n paae sakiou anabhaedh ko khaedhath hai anashhaedh pukaarae ||
They could not find the secret of the Mysterious Lord; and in distress, they murmur invocations to the Indivisible Lord.

rwg n rUp n ryK n rMg n swk n sog n sMig iqhwry ]
raag n roop n raekh n ra(n)g n saak n sog n sa(n)g thihaarae ||
The Lord has no affection, no appearance, no outline, no colour, no suspicion and, no sorrow but He is with you.

Awid Anwid AgwD AByK AdYUuK jipE iqn hI kul qwry ] 9]251]
aadh anaadh agaadhh abhaekh adhaiooukh japiou thin hee kul thaarae || 9||251||
One, who has repeated the name of the Primeval, immemorial, incomprehensible, garbless and spiteless Lord, has saved his family.(9)(251)

qIrQ kot kIey iesnwn dIey bhu dwn mhw bRq Dwry ]
theerathh kott keeeae eisanaan dheeeae bahu dhaan mehaa brath dhhaarae ||
One may perform myriads of ablutions at pilgrim places, one may donate sundry alms and may observe arduous fasts.

dys iPirE kr Bys qpoDn kys Dry n imly hir ipAwry ]
dhaes firiou kar bhaes thapodhhan kaes dhharae n milae har piaarae ||
He may wander in the guise of an anchorite in various countries, may increase matted hair, despite these practices, he shall not attain the Beloved God.

Awsn kot kry AstWg Dry bhu inAws kry muK kwry ]
aasan kott karae asattaa(n)g dhharae bahu niaas karae mukh kaarae ||
One may adopt million of Asanas (Yoga postures) may maintain eight parts of the body, may follow anga-nyasa (ceremony of touching certain parts of the body) and may blacken his face.

dIn dieAwl Akwl Bjy ibnu AMq ko AMq ko AMq ky Dwm isDwry ] 10]252]
dheen dhaeiaal akaal bhajae bin a(n)th ko a(n)th ko a(n)th kae dhhaam sidhhaarae || 10||252||
But without meditating on the name of the Compassionate to the wretched and Immortal Lord, he shall depart for the abode of Yama (hell).(10)(252)

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