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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
03 - Jasbir Singh - Karta Karim Sohee Razak Rahim Oyee Jasbir Singh (Paonta Sahib Waley) Shabad Gurbani from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji 1 amitojsinghmalik
07 - Jasbir Singh - Dehuraa Maseet Soee Jasbir Singh (Paonta Sahib Waley) Shabad Gurbani from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji 1 amitojsinghmalik
04 - Anoop Singh - Jal Kaha Thal Kaha Anoop Singh (Una Sahib Wale) Jhoothi Dekhi Preet admin


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 41

qÍ pRswid ] kib~q ]
thv prasaadh || kabth ||
By Thy Grace. Kabitt.

GuGU mt bwsI lgy folq audwsI imRg qrvr sdIv mon swDy eI mrq hYN ]
ghughoo matt baasee lagae ddolath oudhaasee mrig tharavar sadheev mon saadhhae ee marath hai(n) ||
(If God is realised by living in the cloisters or by roaming about dolefully or by abiding in silence), then the owls reside in the desolate monasteries; the deer wander about gloomily in the forest and the trees ever perish in silence.

ibMd ky sD~Xw qwih hIj kI bf~Xw dyq bMdrw sdIv pwie nwgy hI iPrq hYN ]
bi(n)dh kae sadhhaayaa thaahi heej kee baddaayaa dhaeth ba(n)dharaa sadheev paae naagae hee firath hai(n) ||
If the Lord can be attained by holding back semen then this honour befits an eunuch. The hordes of monkeys ever wander bare-footed, (the Lord cannot be met just by remaining shoeless).

AMgnw ADIn kwm koRD mY pRbIn eyk igAwn ky ibhIn Cin kYsy KY qrq hYN ] 1]71]
a(n)ganaa adhheen kaam koradhh mai prabeen eaek giaan kae biheen shhan kaisae khai tharath hai(n) || 1||71||
A man who is dominated by a charming woman and is adept in lust and wrath and is devoid of divine knowledge, how can such a feeble person be redeemed ?(1)(71)

BUq bncwrI iCq Caunw sBY dUDwDwrI paun ky AhwrI su BujMg jwnIAqu hYN ]
bhooth banachaaree shhith shhounaa sabhai dhoodhhaadhhaaree poun kae ahaaree s bhuja(n)g jaaneeath hai(n) ||
(If the Lord can be realized either by wandering in the forest or by living on milk or air alone), then the ghosts prowl about in the woods, all the earth­born infants drink milk only and those who subsist on air alone, are known as snakes.

iqRx ky BC~Xw Dn loB ky qj~Xw qy qo gaUAn ky j~Xw ibRKB~Xw mwnIAqu hYN ]
thrin kae bhashhaayaa dhhan lobh kae thajaayaa thae tho gooan kae jaayaa brikhabhaayaa maaneeath hai(n) ||
Those who feed on grass blades and those who abnegate the avarice of wealth, are considered on a par with young ones of cows which are bulls. (Just by living on fodder or without avarice, one cannot see God).

nB ky auf~Xw qwih pMCI kI bf~Xw dyq bgulw ibVwl ibRk iDAwnI TwnIAqu hYN ]
nabh kae ouddaayaa thaahi pa(n)shhee kee baddaayaa dhaeth bagulaa birraal brik dhhiaanee t(h)aaneeath hai(n) ||
Those who fly in the sky, (by supernatural powers), may be acknowledged as mere birds; those who appear to be absorbed in meditation, are considered to be either cranes or tom-cats or wolves.

jyqy bfy igAwnI iqno jwnI pY bKwnI nwih AYsy n pRpMc sn BUl AwnIAqu hYN ]2]72]
jaethae baddae giaanee thino jaanee pai bakhaanee naahi aisae n prapa(n)ch san bhool aaneeath hai(n) ||2||72||
All the great savants who knew of this truth, never disclosed this mystery. You must never allow such illusions into your mind, even by mistake.(2)(72)

Bum ky fs~Xw qwih fUcrI ky j~Xw khY nB ky auf~Xw so icr~Xw kY bKwnIAY ]
bhum kae ddasaayaa thaahi ddoocharee kae jaayaa kehai nabh kae ouddaayaa so chiraayaa kai bakhaaneeai ||
They, who live below the earth surface, may be called the little ones of the termite. They who (with yogic skills) fly in the sky, may be called sparrows.

Pl ky BC~Xw qwih bWdhI ky j~Xw khY Awids iPr~Xw qy qo fUq kY pCwnIAY
fal kae bhashhaayaa thaahi baa(n)dhehee kae jaayaa kehai aadhis firaayaa thae tho ddooth kai pashhaaneeai
Those who eat fruit only, should be called the young ones of monkeys. Those who roam about, unseen, should be deemed as ghosts.

sUrj isv~Xw qwih kOl kI bf~Xw dyq cMdRmw isv~Xw kO kvI kY pihcwnIAY ] 3]73]
sooraj sivaayaa thaahi kaal kee baddaayaa dhaeth cha(n)dhramaa sivaayaa ka kavee kai pehichaaneeai || 3||73||
Those who worship the Sun, may be applauded as the Lotus (which blooms when the sun rises). Those who worship the Moon, should be recognized as water-lilies (which blossom in the moonlit night).(3)(73)

mUVH rUVH pItq n gUVHqw ko Byd pwvY pUjq n qwih jw ky rwKy rhIAqu hYN ] 4]74]
moorrh roorrh peettath n goorrhathaa ko bhaedh paavai poojath n thaahi jaa kae raakhae reheeath hai(n) || 4||74||
Ignorant people do not distinguish between the accepted meaning and the purport. They do not rightly worship the wonderful Lord and do not comprehend His hidden essence, by whose sustenance alone, all can survive.(4)(74)

ibsUupwl jgq kwl dIn idAwl bYrI swl sdw pRqpwl jm jwl qy rhq hYN ]
bisooupaal jagath kaal dheen dhiaal bairee saal sadhaa prathapaal jam jaal thae rehath hai(n) ||
He is the Sustainer of the Universe, the Destroyer of the World, Compassionate to the Downtrodden, Torturer of the Foes, Everlasting Protector of all and is free from the noose of death.

jogI jtwDwrI sqI swcy bfy bRhmcwrI iDAwn kwj BUK ipAws dyh pY shq hYN ]
jogee jattaadhhaaree sathee saachae baddae brehamachaaree dhhiaan kaaj bhookh piaas dhaeh pai sehath hai(n) ||
Practitioners of the yoga putting matted hair, the true continents and the great celibates, for the purpose of meditating on Him, withstand hunger and thirst on their bodies.

inaulI krm jl hom pwvk pvn hom ADo muK eyk pwie TwFy n bhq hYN ]
nioulee karam jal hom paavak pavan hom adhho mukh eaek paae t(h)aadtae n behath hai(n) ||
(To find Him), many persons perform neoli feat (a yogic exercise to clean intestines), offer sacrifices to water, fire and wind, some others suspend their bodies with heads down and many more stand only on one leg continuously without sitting down.

mwnv PinMd dyv dwnv n pwvY Byd byd AO kqyb nyq nyq kY khq hYN ]5]75]
maanav fani(n)dh dhaev dhaanav n paavai bhaedh baedh a kathaeb naeth naeth kai kehath hai(n) ||5||75||
Mortals, Sheshnag, demigods and demons cannot find His secret; the Vedas (Hindu scriptures) and Semitic Scriptures (of faiths in the Middle East and the West) acclaim Him Boundless and Endless.(5)(75)

nwcq iPrq mor bwdr krq Gor dwmnI Anyk Bwau kirE eI krq hY ]
naachath firath mor baadhar karath ghor dhaamanee anaek bhaao kariou ee karath hai ||
(If the devotional dance pleases the Lord), then the peacocks bounce up dancing as the clouds roar. (If He can be realized by making flirtatious gestures), then the lightning from the clouds keeps on displaying many amorous flashes.

igAwn ky ibhIn kwl Pws ky ADIn sdw ju~gn kI caukrI iPrwey eI iPrq hY ]6]76]
giaan kae biheen kaal faas kae adhheen sadhaa jugan kee choukaree firaaeae ee firath hai ||6||76||
Human beings without divine knowledge fall into the noose of Death and meander perpetually through the cycle of four ages by transmigration.(6)(76)

eyk isv Bey eyk gey eyk Pyr Bey rwmcMdR ikRsn ky Avqwr BI Anyk hYN ]
eaek siv bheae eaek geae eaek faer bheae raamacha(n)dhr krisan kae avathaar bhee anaek hai(n) ||
A Shiva was born, he passed away, another Shiva was born again (such gods took birth several times and expired), Likewise there have been many incarnations of Ramchandra and Krishna.

bRhmw Aru ibsn kyqy byd AO purwn kyqy isMimRiq smUhn kY huie huie ibqey hYN ]
brehamaa ar bisan kaethae baedh a puraan kaethae si(n)mrith samoohan kai hue hue bitheae hai(n) ||
There have been many Brahmas and Vishnus; Many Vedas, Pura1).as and a multitude of Simrities were composed but they all passed away.

pIr AO ipkWbr kyqy gny n prq eyqy BUm hI qy huie kY Pyir Buim hI imley hYN ]7]77]
peer a pikaa(n)bar kaethae ganae n parath eaethae bhoom hee thae hue kai faer bhum hee mileae hai(n) ||7||77||
There have been many religious leaders and many prophets, in fact, it is not possible to count them; they emanated from the dust and to the dust they returned. (7)(77)

jogI jqI bRhmcwrI bfy bfy CqRDwrI CqR hI kI CwieAw keI kos lO clq hYN ]
jogee jathee brehamachaaree baddae baddae shhathradhhaaree shhathr hee kee shhaaeiaa kee kos la chalath hai(n) ||
The Yogis, the Jatis (celibates) and the Brahmcharis (students uninvolved in sex) and Eminent Kings with a canopy over their heads who travel up to many miles under the shade of those canopies.

bfy bfy rwjn ky dwibq iPriq dys bfy bfy rwjn ky dRp ko dlq hYN ]
baddae baddae raajan kae dhaabith firath dhaes baddae baddae raajan kae dhrap ko dhalath hai(n) ||
And those (canopied Kings) roam about gaining ascendancy over the kingdoms of other very great kings and crush the pride of great emperors;

mwn sy mhIp AO idlIp kYsy CqRDwrI bfo AiBmwn Buj dMf ko krq hYN ]
maan sae meheep a dhileep kaisae shhathradhhaaree baddo abhimaan bhuj dha(n)dd ko karath hai(n) ||
And many Kings like Mandhatii (A royal Rishi of Solar dynasty and son of Yuvanashva) and many sovereigns having a parasol like Dilip (A king of Solar dynasty and father of Raghu, the ancestor of Ramchandra) who were very proud of their mighty arms;

dwrw sy idlIsr dRujoDn sy mwnDwrI Bog Bog BUim AMq BUim mY imlq hYN ] 8]78]
dhaaraa sae dhileesar dhrujodhhan sae maanadhhaaree bhog bhog bhoom a(n)th bhoom mai milath hai(n) || 8||78||
And Kings like Darius (a Persian Emperor) and egomaniac Monarchs like Duryodhana-all of them revelled in mundane pleasures and ultimately they merged with the dust.(8)(78)

isjdy kry Anyk qopcI kpt Bys posqI Anyk dw invwvq hY sIs kO ]
sijadhae karae anaek thopachee kapatt bhaes posathee anaek dhaa nivaavath hai sees ka ||
(If God can be realized by prostrating or bowing head down) then the artillery man, wearing a fallacious uniform prostates (to fire) and (the intoxicated) opium addict, bows his head down in all directions. (Have they realised him ?).

khw BieE rogI jY pY fwirE rihE aurD muK mn qy n mUMf inhrwieE Awid eIs kO ]
kehaa bhaeiou rogee jai pai ddaariou rehiou ouradhh mukh man thae n moo(n)dd niharaaeiou aadh ees ka ||
Does it avail if one lies down with his face upwards (to seek God), the patient too lies down with his face upwards. It is useless if one does not bow his head to the Primordial Lord from the bottom of his heart.

kwmnw ADIn sdw dwmnw pRbIn eyk Bwvnw ibhIn kYsy pwvY jgdIs kO ] 9]79]
kaamanaa adhheen sadhaa dhaamanaa prabeen eaek bhaavanaa biheen kaisae paavai jagadhees ka || 9||79||
How can one, who is servile to the lust and is ever artful in ensnaring others and is sans single-minded faith, for the Lord, realize the Lord of the Universe ?(9)(79)

Awk ko cr~Xw Pl PUl ko BC~Xw sdw bn kO BRm~Xw AOr dUsro n bok sO ]
aak ko charaayaa fal fool ko bhashhaayaa sadhaa ban ka bhramaayaa aar dhoosaro n bok sa ||
(If the Lord can be allured) by grazing the akk plant (calotropis procera), by eating fruit and flowers and by ever wandering 'in the woods, then there is no better animal than a goat.

khw BXo Byf jo G~sq sIs ibR~Cn soN mwtI ky BC~Xw bol pUC lIjY jok sO ]
kehaa bhayo bhaedd jo ghaasath sees brshhin so(n) maattee kae bhashhaayaa bol pooshh leejai jok sa ||
What avails if one rubs his head on the ground, the sheep rub their heads against the trees; those who eat the soil (to see the Lord) should consult the leech.

kwmnw ADIn kwm kRoD mYN pRbIn eyk Bwvnw ibhIn kYsy BytY prlok sO ] 10]80]
kaamanaa adhheen kaam krodhh mai(n) prabeen eaek bhaavanaa biheen kaisae bhaettai paralok sa || 10||80||
How can a person, who is a slave to worldly desires, is susceptible to lust and wrath and is devoid of inspiration, meet the Transcendent Lord across the world ?(10)(80)

nwicE eI krq mor dwdr krq sor sdw GnGor Gn kirE eI krq hYN ]
naachiou ee karath mor dhaadhar karath sor sadhaa ghanaghor ghan kariou ee karath hai(n) ||
(If either by dancing or by shouting or by beating drums, the Lord may be obtained), then the peacocks dance, the frogs croak and the clouds always thunder.

pwhn Anyk jug eyk Taur bwsu krY kwg Aaur cIl dys dys ibcrq hYN ]
paahan anaek jug eaek t(h)our baas karai kaag aour cheel dhaes dhaes bicharath hai(n) ||
(If the Lord can be found either by dwelling in one place for many ages or by wandering in various territories), then the stones remain stationary at the same place for several ages and the ravens and the kites fly around many countries.

igAwn ky ibhIn mhw dwn mY n hUjY lIn Bwvnw ibhIn dIn kYsy kY qrq hYN ]11]81]
giaan kae biheen mehaa dhaan mai n hoojai leen bhaavanaa biheen dheen kaisae kai tharath hai(n) ||11||81||
How can those unfortunate persons, who have no spiritual knowledge, who are not absorbed in the Supreme Bountiful Lord and who lack the faith and the boon of trust in Him, be redeemed ?(11)(81)

jYsy eyk sUuWgI khUM jogIAw bYrwgI bnY kbhUM sinAws Bys bn kY idKwveI ]
jaisae eaek soouaa(n)gee kehoo(n) jogeeaa bairaagee banai kabehoo(n) saniaas bhaes ban kai dhikhaavee ||
As a mimic impersonates, sometimes a yogi, sometimes a Bairagi (a recluse) and pretends sometimes to be in the guise of a Sanyasi (an anchorite).

khUM paunhwrI khUM bYTy lwie qwrI khUM loB kI KumwrI sO Anyk gun gwveI ]
kehoo(n) pounehaaree kehoo(n) bait(h)ae laae thaaree kehoo(n) lobh kee khumaaree sa anaek gun gaavee ||
Sometimes he dwells on air alone, sometimes squats on the ground in meditation and sometimes, obsessed with avarice, sings many praises.

khUM bRhmcwrI khUM hwQ pY lgwvY bwrI khUM fMf DwrI huie kY logn BRmwveI ]
kehoo(n) brehamachaaree kehoo(n) haathh pai lagaavai baaree kehoo(n) dda(n)dd dhhaaree hue kai logan bhramaavee ||
Sometimes he becomes a Brahamchari (celibate); sometimes raises a flower-bed in his hand and sometimes becomes a staff-holding hermit and deceives the innocent people.

kwmnw ADIn pirE nwcq hY nwcn soN igAwn ky ibhIn kYsy bRhm lok pwveI ]12]82]
kaamanaa adhheen pariou naachath hai naachan so(n) giaan kae biheen kaisae breham lok paavee ||12||82||
(Such a man), being a slave to the worldly pleasures, dances like a puppet and is without divine knowledge, can never enter the Gate of Heaven.(12)(82)

pMc bwr gIdr pukwry pry sIqkwl kMucr AO gdhw Anykdw pukwr hIN ]
pa(n)ch baar geedhar pukaarae parae seethakaal ka(n)uchar a gadhehaa anaekadhaa pukaar hee(n) ||
(He is not obtainable by shouting, howling or trumpeting), the jackal howls five times when the winter season comes; the elephant trumpets many times and the donkey brays too often.

khw BXy jo pY klvqR lIE kWsI bIc cIr cIr cortw kuTwrn moN mwr hIN ]
kehaa bhayae jo pai kalavathr leeou kaa(n)see beech cheer cheer chorattaa kut(h)aaran mo(n) maar hee(n) ||
It avails not to have a kalpatre (to be cut in twain by a saw to get salvation) in Kashi=Banaras; sometimes, the thief, when caught, also gets chopped into many pieces with the axes by the people and is killed

khw BXo PWsI fwir bUifE jV gMg Dwr fwir fwir PWs Tg mwir mwir fwr hIN ]
kehaa bhayo faa(n)see ddaar booddiou jarr ga(n)g dhhaar ddaar ddaar faa(n)s t(h)ag maar maar ddaar hee(n) ||
It is futile if a fool put a noose round his neck and drowned in the Ganges stream; so do the thugs, they put halters round their victims neck, kill and throw them away.

fUby nrk Dwr mUVH igAwn ky ibnw ibcwr Bwvnw ibhIn kYsy igAwn ko ibcwr hIN ]13]83]
ddoobae narak dhhaar moorrh giaan kae binaa bichaar bhaavanaa biheen kaisae giaan ko bichaar hee(n) ||13||83||
Stupid persons without considering the worth of divine knowledge are drowned in the river of hell; how can they, without full faith, contemplate on the philosophy of spiritual learning ?(13)(83)

qwp ky shy qy jo pY pweIAY Aqwp nwQ qwpnw Anyk qn Gwiel shq hYN ]
thaap kae sehae thae jo pai paaeeai athaap naathh thaapanaa anaek than ghaaeil sehath hai(n) ||
If by enduring physical sufferings, one can attain the Lord Without Sufferings, then a wounded person who suffers a lot of bodily pain, (should get this reward).

jwp ky kIey qy jo pY pwXq Ajwp dyv pUdnw sdIv quhIN quhIN aucrq hYN ]
jaap kae keeeae thae jo pai paayath ajaap dhaev poodhanaa sadheev thuhee(n) thuhee(n) oucharath hai(n) ||
If by repeating His name, one can realize the Lord Unattainable by Rote Recitation, then the pudana (warbler-a trilling bird) incessantly sings, "Thou art, Thou art".

nB ky aufy qy jo pY nwrwiex pweIXq Anl Akws pMCI folbo krq hYN ]
nabh kae ouddae thae jo pai naaraaein paaeeyath anal akaas pa(n)shhee ddolabo karath hai(n) ||
If by flying in the sky, one can meet the Lord who dwells in each creature, then the mythological bird anal (phoenix) ever keeps on flying in the sky.

Awg mY jry qy giq rWf kI prq kr pqwl ky bwsI ikau BujMg n qrq hYN ]14]84]
aag mai jarae thae gath raa(n)dd kee parath kar pathaal kae baasee kio bhuja(n)g n tharath hai(n) ||14||84||
If salvation can be had by a widow by burning alive in fire with her dead husband, then why the snakes, inhabiting the (fiery) nether world, should not be redeemed.(14)(84)

koaU BieE muMfIAw sMinAwsI koaU jogI BieE koaU bRhmcwrI koaU jqI Anumwnbo ]
kooo bhaeiou mu(n)ddeeaa sa(n)niaasee kooo jogee bhaeiou kooo brehamachaaree kooo jathee anumaanabo ||
Someone becomes a Ramanandi Monk, or a Sanyasi (the renouncer); others happen to be yogis and some are assessed to have been Brahmcharis or celibates.

ihMdU qurk koaU rwPjI iemwm swPI mwns kI jwq sbY eykY pihcwnbo ]
hi(n)dhoo thurak kooo raafajee eimaam saafee maanas kee jaath sabai eaekai pehichaanabo ||
Some are Hindus and others are Muslims. someone is lliifazi (ashiah=renouncer-follower of Ali) and another an Imam-Shafi (Sunni=adherent of the Prophet) but ye recognize all human race as one.

krqw krIm soeI rwjk rhIm EeI dUsro n Byd kodI BUl BRm mwnbo ]
karathaa kareem soee raajak reheem ouee dhoosaro n bhaedh kodhee bhool bhram maanabo ||
Karta=the Creator (of the Hindus) and Karim=the Beneficent (of the Muslims) is the same Lord; He is the Provider of the Livelihood and the Bestower of the Boons. Let none make the error of making distinction between His different names.

eyk hI kI syv sB hI ko gurdyv eyk eyk hI srUp sbY eykY joq jwnbo ] 15]85]
eaek hee kee saev sabh hee ko guradhaev eaek eaek hee saroop sabai eaekai joth jaanabo || 15||85||
They all serve (worship) the One Lord who is the only Enlightener of all. All have been created in His image; ye consider that His is the only light diffused in everyone.(15)(85)

dyhrw msIq soeI pUjw AO invwj EeI mwns sbY eyk pY Anyk ko Brmwau hY ]
dhaeharaa maseeth soee poojaa a nivaaj ouee maanas sabai eaek pai anaek ko bharamaao hai ||
The Temple and the Mosque are the same; there is no difference between them. Neither is there any dissimilarity between the Hindu worship and the Muslim namaz=prayer. The whole human race is the self-same but due to illusion, they appear different.

dyvqw Adyv j~C gMDRb qurk ih~dU inAwry inAwry dysn ky Bys ko pRBwau hY ]
dhaevathaa adhaev jaashh ga(n)dhhrab thurak hdhioo niaarae niaarae dhaesan kae bhaes ko prabhaao hai ||
The demigods, the demons, yakshas (the heavenly dancers), gandharvas (celestial singers), the Muslims and the Hindus all appear dissimilar as they adopt customary dresses of their own countries.

eykY nYn eykY kwn eykY dyh eykY bwn Kwk bwd Awqs AO Awb ko rlwau hY ]
eaekai nain eaekai kaan eaekai dhaeh eaekai baan khaak baadh aathas a aab ko ralaao hai ||
All human beings have the same eyes, the same ears, the same body and the same build. All creation is a blend of the earth, the air, the fire and the water.

jYsy eyk Awg qy knUkw kot Awg auTy inAwry inAwry huie kY Pyir Awg mY imlwihNgy ]
jaisae eaek aag thae kanookaa kott aag out(h)ae niaarae niaarae hue kai faer aag mai milaahi(n)agae ||
As from a big fire, millions of sparks of fire arise, they get scattered and again they merge in the same fire.

jYsy eyk DUr qy Anyk DUr pUrq hY DUr ky knUkw Pyr DUr hI smwihNgy ]
jaisae eaek dhhoor thae anaek dhhoor poorath hai dhhoor kae kanookaa faer dhhoor hee samaahi(n)agae ||
As from a heap that consists of myriads of dust particles, those dust bits disperse and arise above and then those dust particles merge in the same dust.

jYsy eyk nd qy qMrg kot aupjq hYN pwn ky qMrg sbY pwn hI khwihNgy ]
jaisae eaek nadh thae tha(n)rag kott oupajath hai(n) paan kae tha(n)rag sabai paan hee kehaahi(n)agae ||
As from a river millions of waves of water are produced and these watery waves merge with water and will still be called as water.

qYsy ibs rup qy ABUq BUq pRgt huie qwhI qy aupj sbY qwhI mY smwihNgy ] 17]87]
thaisae bis rup thae abhooth bhooth pragatt hue thaahee thae oupaj sabai thaahee mai samaahi(n)agae || 17||87||
As both the animate (sentient beings) and inanimate (non-sentient objects) are manifested from the Universal Lord. They arise from Him and shall merge again in their primal source.(17)(87)

kyqy k~C m~C kyqy aun kau krq B~C kyqy A~C v~C huie sp~C auf jwihNgy ]
kaethae kaashh maashh kaethae oun ko karath bhaashh kaethae aashh vaashh hue sapaashh oudd jaahi(n)agae ||
There are so many tortoises and fish and there are several other aquatic creatures who devour them; still there are the young ones of some birds like garuda and phoenix etc. who will fly on their wings.

kyqy nB bIc A~C p~C kau krYNgy B~C kyqk pRq~C huie pcwie Kwid jwihNgy ]
kaethae nabh beech aashh paashh ko karai(n)agae bhaashh kaethak prathaashh hue pachaae khaadh jaahi(n)agae ||
There are many other birds in the sky who will devour those winged birds. Another form of birds of prey will appear who shall eat and digest those devouring birds.

jl khw Ql khw ggn ky gaun khw kwl ky bnwie sbY kwl hI cbwihNgy ]
jal kehaa thhal kehaa gagan kae goun kehaa kaal kae banaae sabai kaal hee chabaahi(n)agae ||
(Remember), whether the creatures live either in the water or on the land or fly in the sky, they were all created by the Universal Destroyer who shall crush them all.

qyj ijau Aqyj mY Aqyj jYsy qyj lIn qwhI qy aupj sbY qwhI mY smwihNgy ] 18]88]
thaej jio athaej mai athaej jaisae thaej leen thaahee thae oupaj sabai thaahee mai samaahi(n)agae || 18||88||
As the light merges in the darkness and the darkness in light, so all the creatures and objects have been created by Him and shall merge in Him alone.(18)(88)

kUkq iPrq kyqy rovq mrq kyqy jl mYN fubq kyqy Awg mYN jrq hYN]
kookath firath kaethae rovath marath kaethae jal mai(n) ddubath kaethae aag mai(n) jarath hai(n)a||
Many persons (desirous of meeting God), go about crying, many wail themselves to death, many are drowned in the water and many immolate themselves by the fire.

kyqy gMg bwsI kyqy mdInw mkw invwsI kyqk audwsI ky BRmwey eI iPrq hYN ]
kaethae ga(n)g baasee kaethae madheenaa makaa nivaasee kaethak oudhaasee kae bhramaaeae ee firath hai(n) ||
Many dwell by the belt of the Ganges whereas many reside in Medina and Mecca and many wander about as udasis=anchorites.

krvq shq kyqy BUim mY gfq kyqy sUAw pY cVHq kyqy dUK kau Brq hYN ]
karavath sehath kaethae bhoom mai gaddath kaethae sooaa pai charrhath kaethae dhookh ko bharath hai(n) ||
Many undergo the pain of being sawn alive; many suffer the agony of being buried alive in the earth; many endure the torture of lying on the bed of sharp nails.

gYn mYN aufq kyqy jl mYN rhq kyqy igAwn ky ibhIn jk jwry eI mrq hYN ] 19]89]
gain mai(n) ouddath kaethae jal mai(n) rehath kaethae giaan kae biheen jak jaarae ee marath hai(n) || 19||89||
Many fly in the sky; many dwell in the water. But without divine knowledge (these sufferers of tortures) burn in the blazing fire of hell.(19)(89)

soD hwry dyvqw ibroD hwry dwno bfy boD hwry boDk pRboD hwry jwpsI ]
sodhh haarae dhaevathaa birodhh haarae dhaano baddae bodhh haarae bodhhak prabodhh haarae jaapasee ||
The demigods got weary of searching, the burly demons got tired of hostilities; the philosophers got weary of argumentation and the reciters (repeaters of God's name) got weary of preaching knowledge.

Gs hwry cMdn lgwie hwry coAw cwru pUj hwry pwhn cFwie hwry lwpsI ]
ghas haarae cha(n)dhan lagaae haarae choaa chaar pooj haarae paahan chadtaae haarae laapasee ||
Those who ground sandal-wood and those who applied fragrant perfume of agar=aloa wood, got weary of doing so. They, who worshipped stones and those who offered sweet pudding, got tired of these customs.

gwh hwry gorn mnwie hwry mVHI m~t lIp hwry BIqn lgwie hwry CwpsI ]
gaah haarae goran manaae haarae marrhee maatt leep haarae bheethan lagaae haarae shhaapasee ||
The grave visitors and the worshippers of the crematoria and the monasteries have got weary; those who plaster walls and make patterns of idols on the walls have accepted defeat.

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