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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
01 - Amrik Singh Zakhmi - Ek Rati Bin Ek Rati Keh Amrik Singh Zakhmi Ek Rati Bin Ek Rati Keh Vol 4 HSinghDCWale
05 - Harjinder Singh - Saach Kahon Sun Leho Sabhai Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Sada Rehai Kanchan Si Kaya HSinghDCWale
01 - Harjinder Singh - Saach Kahon Sun Leh Sabhai Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Satgur Pyaara Preetum Pyaara HSinghDCWale
06 - Jasbir Singh - Sach Kahon Sun Leho Sabhe Jasbir Singh (Paonta Sahib Waley) Shabad Gurbani from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji 1 amitojsinghmalik
03 - Jasbir Singh - Dekh Phirio Dhar Jog Jati Ke Jasbir Singh (Paonta Sahib Waley) Shabad Gurbani from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji 2 amitojsinghmalik
07 - Satvinder Singh & Harvinder Singh - Bajat Dhol Satvinder Singh & Harvinder Singh Karaj Tera Hovai Poora HSinghDCWale
03 - Harjinder Singh - Sach Kahon Sun Layho Sabhay Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Gun Gaavan Nit Tere HSinghDCWale
05 - Niranjan Singh - Saach Kaho Sun leho Sabhai Niranjan Singh (Jawaddi Kalan Wale) Saachi Preet HSinghDCWale
02 - Joginder Singh Riar - Saach Kaho Sun Leh Sabhei Joginder Singh Riar (Ludhiane Wale) Charan Chalo Marg Gobind HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 34

q pRswid ] sYXy ]
thv prasaadh || svaiyae ||
By Thy Grace. Swaiye. (Quatrains, each having four feet with 31 syllables per foot)

sRwvg su~D smUh isDwn ky dyiK iPirE Gr jog jqI ky ]
sraavag sudhh samooh sidhhaan kae dhaekh firiou ghar jog jathee kae ||
I have knocked round the abodes of multitudes of Shravakas (Buddha and jain followers), ceremonial purists, adepts with supernatural powers, yogis and ascetics and have keenly observed them.

sUr surwrdn su~D suDwidk sMq smUh Anyk mqI ky ]
soor suraaradhan sudhh sudhhaadhik sa(n)th samooh anaek mathee kae ||
I have also seen Mighty demons (Maulers of Gods), Virtuous Gods (Feasting on Nectar) etc. and saints of numerous religious groups.

swry hI dys ko dyiK rihE mq koaU n dyKIAq pRwnpqI ky ]
saarae hee dhaes ko dhaekh rehiou math kooo n dhaekheeath praanapathee kae ||
I have further surveyed faiths of all countries; None turned out to be pertinent to the Lord of Life (GOD).

sRI Bgvwn kI Bwie ikRpw hMU qy eyk rqI ibnu eyk rqI ky ]1] 21]
sree bhagavaan kee bhaae kripaa ha(n)oo thae eaek rathee bin eaek rathee kae ||1|| 21||
Devoid of affection, favour and a bit of love of the Glorious Lord, they, en masse, are not worth a penny (equal in weight to eight rice). (1)(21)

mwqy mqMg jry jr sMg AnUp auqMg surMg svwry ]
maathae matha(n)g jarae jar sa(n)g anoop outha(n)g sura(n)g savaarae ||
Matchless and long-limbed elephants, intoxicated with pride, inlaid with gold and embellished with fascinating coloration.

kot qurMg kurMg sy kUdq paun ky gaun kau jwq invwry ]
kott thura(n)g kura(n)g sae koodhath poun kae goun ko jaath nivaarae ||
And millions of horses sprinting like deer, running faster that the speed of the a gusty wind.

BwrI Bujwn ky BUp BlI ibiD inAwvq sIs n jwq ibcwry ]
bhaaree bhujaan kae bhoop bhalee bidhh niaavath sees n jaath bichaarae ||
Kings with powerful arms bow their heads in a befitting manner and the number of those rulers is beyond description

eyqy Bey qu khw Bey BUpiq AMq kO nWgy hI pWie pDwry ] 2] 22]
eaethae bheae th kehaa bheae bhoopath a(n)th ka naa(n)gae hee paa(n)e padhhaarae || 2|| 22||
O King! It does not matter that those emperors are so powerful, they pass away bare-footed in the end.(2)(22)

jIq iPrY sB dys idswn ko bwjq Fol imRdMg ngwry ]
jeeth firai sabh dhaes dhisaan ko baajath dtol mridha(n)g nagaarae ||
Though they may have conquered all the countries near and abroad and before whom drums, long tabors and kettledrums are being beaten;

gMujq gUV gjwn ky sMudr ihMsq hYN hXrwj hjwry ]
ga(n)ujath goorr gajaan kae sa(n)udhar hi(n)sath hai(n) hayaraaj hajaarae ||
Hordes of decorated elephants may be trumpeting loudly and thousands of horses of royal breed may be neighing to offer greetings

BUq Biv~K Bvwn ky BUpq kaunu gnY nhIN jwq ibcwry ]
bhooth bhavkh bhavaan kae bhoopath koun ganai nehee(n) jaath bichaarae ||
none can count the number of emperors of the past, the future and present as their count is beyond description.

sRI piq sRI Bgvwn Bjy ibnu AMq kau AMq ky Dwm isDwry ]3]23]
sree path sree bhagavaan bhajae bin a(n)th ko a(n)th kae dhhaam sidhhaarae ||3||23||
But without worshipping the name of the Lord of Wealth, the Supreme Being, they depart in the end to the abode of Yama (Hell). (3)(23)

qIrQ nHwn dieAw dm dwn su sMjm nym Anyk ibsyKY ]
theerathh nhaan dhaeiaa dham dhaan s sa(n)jam naem anaek bisaekhai ||
Many bathe at Pilgrim Places, take pity, control their senses, give away donations, completely restrain their passions, adhere to firm principles and observe a lot of distinctive formalities.

byd purwn kqyb kurwn zmIn zmwn sbwn ky pyKY ]
baedh puraan kathaeb kuraan zameen zamaan sabaan kae paekhai ||
They study the Vedas, the Puranas, the Semitic Scriptures and the Quran and try to explore the earth, the heaven and all the cosmos.

paun Ahwr jqI jq Dwr sbY su ibcwr hjwr k dyKY ]
poun ahaar jathee jath dhhaar sabai s bichaar hajaar k dhaekhai ||
They dwell on air, control their sexual desires to become continent and have all auspicious ideas; I have seen thousands like them.

sIR Bgvwn Bjy ibnu BUpiq eyk rqI ibnu eyk n lyKY ]4]24]
seer bhagavaan bhajae bin bhoopath eaek rathee bin eaek n laekhai ||4||24||
O King! Without the remembrance of they name of God and devoid of His favour, their efforts are no avail. (4)(24)

su~D ispwh durMq dubwh su swj snwh durjwn dlYNgy ]
sudhh sipaah dhura(n)th dhubaah s saaj sanaah dhurajaan dhalai(n)agae ||
The trained army of tremendously belligerent soldiers, girded up with the suits of armour who may stamp out their wicked enemies.

BwrI gumwn Bry mn mYN kr prbq pMK hly n hlYNgy ]
bhaaree gumaan bharae man mai(n) kar parabath pa(n)kh halae n halai(n)agae ||
Brimful of Extreme arrogance in their minds, the soldiers remain unshaken in the battlefield, whereas the mountains may take wings in fright.

qoir ArIn mroir mvwsn mwqy mqMgn mwn mlYNgy ]
thor areen maror mavaasan maathae matha(n)gan maan malai(n)agae ||
They may mangle the enemy , crush the defiant foes and shatter the pride of the intoxicated elephants.

sIR piq sIR Bgvwn ikRpw ibnu iqAwig jhwn indwn clYNgy ] 5] 25]
seer path seer bhagavaan kripaa bin thiaag jehaan nidhaan chalai(n)agae || 5|| 25||
But without the grace of God (Lord of Wealth and Luck), they would in the end, leave this world and pass away. (5)(25)

bIr Apwr bfy birAwr Aibcwrih swr kI Dwr BC~Xw ]
beer apaar baddae bariaar abichaarehi saar kee dhhaar bhashhaayaa ||
There are countless heroes who posses excessive courage and who are ever eager to confront the edge of the sword without a moments reflection.

qorq dys milMd mvwsn mwqy gjwn ky mwn ml~Xw ]
thorath dhaes mali(n)dh mavaasan maathae gajaan kae maan malaayaa ||
Having devastated their land, they crush their antagonists and subdue the pride of the frenzied elephants.

gwVyH gVHwn ko qoVnhwr su bwqn hIN ck cwr lv~Xw ]
gaarraeh garrhaan ko thorranehaar s baathan hee(n) chak chaar lavaayaa ||
They break the invincibility of impregnable forts and through easy and frivolous means, they conquer all regions of the globe.

swihbu sRI sB ko isrnwiek jwck Anyk su eyk idv~Xw ]6]26]
saahib sree sabh ko siranaaeik jaachak anaek s eaek dhivaayaa ||6||26||
The supreme Lord (Sword is His Symbol) is the Supreme master of Such Warriors and all. He is the sole Donor whereas the supplicants are innumberable.(6)(26)

dwnv dyv PinMd inswcr BUq Biv~K Bvwn jpYNgy ]
dhaanav dhaev fani(n)dh nisaachar bhooth bhavkh bhavaan japai(n)agae ||
Demons, gods, Sheshnag (Lord of Snakes) and fiends too, repeat His name during past. The Future and the present times and Will ever be repeating.

jIv ijqy jl mY Ql mY pl hI pl mY sB Qwp QpYNgy ]
jeev jithae jal mai thhal mai pal hee pal mai sabh thhaap thhapai(n)agae ||
All living creatures who dwell in water and on land will ensconce His establishment in their hearts, in the twinkling of an eye.

puMn pRqwpn bwF jYq Dun pwpn ky bhu puMj KpYNgy ]
pu(n)n prathaapan baadt jaith dhhun paapan kae bahu pu(n)j khapai(n)agae ||
Owing to the effulgence of Virtues, the triumphal sound spreads loudly and reduces the plentiful heaps of Sins to ashes.

swD smUh pRsMn iPrYN jg sqR sBY Avlok cpYNgy ] 7]27]
saadhh samooh prasa(n)n firai(n) jag sathr sabhai avalok chapai(n)agae || 7||27||
All the Saints would happily roam around the world but their (envious) enemies, beholding them, would feel annoyed.(7)(27)

mwnv ieMdR gijMdR nrwDp jOn iqRlok ko rwj krYNgy ]
maanav ei(n)dhr gaji(n)dhr naraadhhap jaan thrilok ko raaj karai(n)agae ||
Kings of men, lords of elephants and sundry monarchs who hold sway over the three worlds.

koit iesnwn gjwidk dwn Anyk suAMbr swj brYNgy ]
kott eisanaan gajaadhik dhaan anaek sua(n)bar saaj barai(n)agae ||
Others who perform myriads of adulations, donate elephants and the like and wed brides at several arranged Suyyambars (choice of a bridegroom by the bride openly in an assemblage of suitors).

bRhm mhysr ibsn scIpiq AMq Psy jm Pwis prYNgy ]
breham mehaesar bisan sacheepath a(n)th fasae jam faas parai(n)agae ||
Those and gods alike, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Indra would in the end, be entangled into difficulties and would be entrapped in the noose of Yama (Death).

jy nr sIR piq ky pRs hYN pg qy nr Pyr n dyh DrYNgy ] 8]28]
jae nar seer path kae pras hai(n) pag thae nar faer n dhaeh dhharai(n)agae || 8||28||
Those persons who touch the feet of God (The Lord of Wealth) , would not assume another Body. (8)(28)

khw BXo jo doaU locn mUMd kY bYiT rihE bk iDAwn lgwieE ]
kehaa bhayo jo dhooo lochan moo(n)dh kai bait(h) rehiou bak dhhiaan lagaaeiou ||
What is the gain if one closes the eyes and sits hypocritically in a posture of meditation like a heron;

nHwq iPirE lIey swq smudRin lok gXo prlok gvwieE ]
nhaath firiou leeeae saath samudhran lok gayo paralok gavaaeiou ||
And goes abroad bathing in the seven seas? He has lost this world and after death is deprived entry in the next world.

bws kIE ibiKAwn so bYT kY Aysy hI AYsy su bYs ibqwieE ]
baas keeou bikhiaan so bait(h) kai aaesae hee aisae s bais bithaaeiou ||
He dwelt in the company of the Debauched persons and ruined the span of his life in such debaucheries.

swcu khoN sun lyhu sBY ijn pyRm kIE iqn hI pRB pwieE ] 9]29]
saach keho(n) sun laehu sabhai jin paeram keeou thin hee prabh paaeiou || 9||29||
I (Guru Gobind Singh Jee) pronounces verily and all should hear, "One, who truly loves God, has realized Him".(9)(29)

kwhU lY pwhn pUj DrXo isr kwhU lY ilMg gry ltkwieE ]
kaahoo lai paahan pooj dhharayo sir kaahoo lai li(n)g garae lattakaaeiou ||
Some worship idols by putting those on their heads; some dangle lingam (Phallic symbol of Shiva) from their necks.

kwhU liKE hir AvwcI idsw mih kwhU pCwh ko sIsu invwieE ]
kaahoo lakhiou har avaachee dhisaa mehi kaahoo pashhaah ko sees nivaaeiou ||
Some believe Hari (God) to be stationed south direction others prostrate to the west, (Considering Allah's presence there).

koaU buqwn ko pUjq hY psu koaU imRqwn ko pUjn DwieE ]
kooo buthaan ko poojath hai pas kooo mrithaan ko poojan dhhaaeiou ||
Many fools worship images in the temples whereas others dash to worship graves or cemeteries.

kUr ikRAw auriJE sB hI jg sIR Bgvwn ko Bydu n pwieE ] 10]30]
koor kriaa ourajhiou sabh hee jag seer bhagavaan ko bhaedh n paaeiou || 10||30||
All human beings in the world are entangled in false and ungodly ceremonies and none has found God's secret. (10)(30)

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