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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
03 - Surinder Singh Jodhpuri - Pran Ke Bachaiya Surinder Singh Jodhpuri Bang Ke Bangali nihang


This Shabad is by Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 30

q pRswid ] kib~q ]
thv prasaadh || kabth ||
By Thy Grace. Kabitt (A metrical verse of Four lines.)

kqhMU sucyq huie kY cyqnw ko cwr kIE kqhMU AicMq huie kY sovq Acyq ho ]
katheha(n)oo suchaeth hue kai chaethanaa ko chaar keeou katheha(n)oo achi(n)th hue kai sovath achaeth ho ||
O god, somewhere, being Conscious, you enhance consciousness whereas elsewhere suspending awareness, You relish the state of unconscious sleep.

kqhMU iBKwrI huie kY mWgq iPrq BIK khUM mhw dwn huie kY mWigE Dn dyq ho ]
katheha(n)oo bhikhaaree hue kai maa(n)gath firath bheekh kehoo(n) mehaa dhaan hue kai maa(n)giou dhhan dhaeth ho ||
Somewhere, You are a beggar meandering to beg for alms whereas in other places, you are a great Almsgiver bestowing wealth besought by the needy.

khUM mhW rwjn ko dIjq AnMq dwn khUM mhW rwjn qy CIn iCq lyq ho ]
kehoo(n) mehaa(n) raajan ko dheejath ana(n)th dhaan kehoo(n) mehaa(n) raajan thae shheen shhith laeth ho ||
Here, you bestow unlimited bounties to the Emperors and there, You impound the territories of the Monarchs.

khUM huie kY ihMdUAw gwieqRI ko gupq jipE khUM huie kY qurkw pukwry bWg dyq ho ]
kehoo(n) hue kai hi(n)dhooaa gaaeithree ko gupath japiou kehoo(n) hue kai thurakaa pukaarae baa(n)g dhaeth ho ||
Somewhere in the garb of a Hindu, You secretly repeat Gayatri (Hindu's Sacred Incantation), elsewhere, in the guise of a Muslim, you loudly call others out for reading namaz (to say prayers)

khUM kok kwb huie kY purwn ko pVq mq kqrUM kurwn ko indwn jwn lyq ho ]
kehoo(n) kok kaab hue kai puraan ko parrath math katharoo(n) kuraan ko nidhaan jaan laeth ho ||
Somewhere, having examined Koka's sex treatise, you study the creeds of Purana (Mythical Hindu records), elsewhere you reckon Quran to be the ultimate one.

khUM dyvqwn ky idvwn mY ibrwjmwn khUM dwnvwn ko gumwn mq dyq ho ]
kehoo(n) dhaevathaan kae dhivaan mai biraajamaan kehoo(n) dhaanavaan ko gumaan math dhaeth ho ||
Somewhere You ensconce Yourself splendidly in the Celestial Court of the Gods, elsewhere You incite the demons to be arrogant.

khUM ieMdR rwjw ko imlq ieMdR pdvI sI khUM ieMdR pdvI iCpwie CIn lyq ho ]
kehoo(n) ei(n)dhr raajaa ko milath ei(n)dhr padhavee see kehoo(n) ei(n)dhr padhavee shhipaae shheen laeth ho ||
Somewhere You confer the title of Ruler of Heaven on King Indra, elsewhere you snatch the same rank from him.

kqhUM ibcwr Aibcwr ko ibcwrq ho khUM inj nwr pr nwr ky inkyq ho ]
kathehoo(n) bichaar abichaar ko bichaarath ho kehoo(n) nij naar par naar kae nikaeth ho ||
At One Place You contemplate the essence of discernment and good and evil thoughts. Somewhere, You enjoy the company of Your spouse but elsewhere you revel in the mansion of your Mistress.

khUM ssqRDwrI khUM ibidAw ky ibcwrI khUM mwrq AhwhI khUM nwr ky inkyq ho ]
kehoo(n) sasathradhhaaree kehoo(n) bidhiaa kae bichaaree kehoo(n) maarath ahaahee kehoo(n) naar kae nikaeth ho ||
Here you are accoutred with arms, there You are the Mastermind of knowledge; here You Subsist on Air alone, there you sojourn in Water (making it Your bed.)

khUM Drm pwmI khUM srb Taur gwmI khUM jqI khUM kwmI khUM dyq khUM lyq ho ]
kehoo(n) dhharam paamee kehoo(n) sarab t(h)our gaamee kehoo(n) jathee kehoo(n) kaamee kehoo(n) dhaeth kehoo(n) laeth ho ||
Somewhere Dharma (Righteousness) is your Abode; Somewhere You wander from Place to Place; Somewhere You are a Celibate; elsewhere a lascivious person; here a bestower; there a recipient.

khUM jtwDwrI khUM kMTI Dry bRhmcwrI khUM jog swDI khUM swDnw krq ho ]
kehoo(n) jattaadhhaaree kehoo(n) ka(n)t(h)ee dhharae brehamachaaree kehoo(n) jog saadhhee kehoo(n) saadhhanaa karath ho ||
Somewhere You wear a matted hair like an Ascetic; Somewhere You put on a necklace of wooden beads like a celibate; Somewhere You have accomplished Yoga (Union of the Soul with the Supreme Soul), elsewhere you are practising to achieve that Skill.

khUM kwn Pwry khMU fMfI huie pDwry khUM PUk PUk pwvn kau ipRQI pY Drq hY ]
kehoo(n) kaan faarae keha(n)oo dda(n)ddee hue padhhaarae kehoo(n) fook fook paavan ko prithhee pai dhharath hai ||
Somewhere You assume the form of Kanpata nath, a Yogi with slit ears; elsewhere You set out as a staff holding sanyasi (a wandering ascetic), elsewhere a jain who before setting foot on the earth blows out small creatures for fear of treading on them.

kqhUM ispwhI huie kyY swDq islwhn kO khUM CqRI huie kY Ar mwrq mrq ho ]
kathehoo(n) sipaahee hue kaeai saadhhath silaahan ka kehoo(n) shhathree hue kai ar maarath marath ho ||
Here you are a soldier undergoing arms training there, being a Man-at-arms (As a champion of the Nation), You either slay Your Foes or are slain Yourself.

khUM BUm Bwr kO auqwrq ho mhwrwj khUM Bv BUqn kI Bwvnw Brq ho ]5] 15]
kehoo(n) bhoom bhaar ka outhaarath ho mehaaraaj kehoo(n) bhav bhoothan kee bhaavanaa bharath ho ||5|| 15||
O Supreme Lord! Somewhere You relieve the Burden of the Earth (by eradicating brutal persons) and somewhere You fulfil the desires of human Beings Living on this earth.(5)(15)

khUM gIq nwd ky indwn kO bqwvq ho khUM inRqkwrI icqRkwrI ky inDwn ho ]
kehoo(n) geeth naadh kae nidhaan ka bathaavath ho kehoo(n) nrithakaaree chithrakaaree kae nidhhaan ho ||
Somewhere You elucidate the techniques of musicology; elsewhere you are a treasure -house of the arts of dancing and painting.

kqhUM pXUK huie kY pIvq ipvwvq ho kqhUM mXUK aUK khUM md pwn ho ]
kathehoo(n) payookh hue kai peevath pivaavath ho kathehoo(n) mayookh ookh kehoo(n) madh paan ho ||
Somewhere You are the Ambrosia which You drink and make others partake it; Somewhere you are Honey and Sugarcane that You taste; elsewhere you are the liquor which you relish to get drunk with.

khUM mhw sUr huie kY mwrq mvwsn kY khUM mhwdyv dyvqwn ky smwn ho ]
kehoo(n) mehaa soor hue kai maarath mavaasan kai kehoo(n) mehaadhaev dhaevathaan kae samaan ho ||
Somewhere, being a great champion, You obliterate the defiant enemies; elsewhere you are like the Sovereign of the Gods.

khUM mhwdIn khUM dRb ky ADIn khUM ibidAw mY pRbIn khUM BUm khUM Bwn ho ]6] 16]
kehoo(n) mehaadheen kehoo(n) dhrab kae adhheen kehoo(n) bidhiaa mai prabeen kehoo(n) bhoom kehoo(n) bhaan ho ||6|| 16||
here you are rock-bottom poverty stricken; there you are subservient to mammon. Somewhere you are proficient in the field of Knowledge; elsewhere you are the earth (supporting all the Creatures) and the Sun (Imparting heat and light). (6)(16)

khUM AklMk khUM mwrq mXMk khUM pUcn pRrn pRjMk khUM su~Dqw kI swr ho ]
kehoo(n) akala(n)k kehoo(n) maarath maya(n)k kehoo(n) poochan praran praja(n)k kehoo(n) sudhhathaa kee saar ho ||
Here you are untarnished, there You censure the (tarnished) moon; here you go to bed with your Consort for fulfilment, there You are the essence of Virtuousness.

khUM dyv Drm khUM swDnw ky hrm khUM kuqsq kukrm khUM Drm ky pRkwr ho ]
kehoo(n) dhaev dhharam kehoo(n) saadhhanaa kae haram kehoo(n) kuthasath kukaram kehoo(n) dhharam kae prakaar ho ||
Here You adhere to the Moral Law, there you are a Sanctuary of proficiency; here You beget discreditable of proficiency; here you beget discreditable vices, there You behave in a Virtuous manner.

khUM paun AhwrI khUM ibidAw ky ibcwrI khUM jogI jqI bRhmcwrI nr khUUM nwr ho ]
kehoo(n) poun ahaaree kehoo(n) bidhiaa kae bichaaree kehoo(n) jogee jathee brehamachaaree nar kehoooo(n) naar ho ||
Here you subsist on Air alone, there you chew over learning; Here you are a yogi or a celibate student, there you are a man or a woman.

khMU CqRDwrI khUM Cwlw Dry CYl BwrI khUM CkvwrI khUM Cl ky pRkwr ho ]7] 17]
keha(n)oo shhathradhhaaree kehoo(n) shhaalaa dhharae shhail bhaaree kehoo(n) shhakavaaree kehoo(n) shhal kae prakaar ho ||7|| 17||
Here You are a King with a parasol Overhead, there You are a Strong dandy seated over a deer skin; here you live on water alone; there You behave like a Fraudulent person. (7)(17)

khUM gIq ky gv~Xw khUM byn ky bj~Xw khUM inRq ky nc~Xw khUM nr ko Akwr ho ]
kehoo(n) geeth kae gavaayaa kehoo(n) baen kae bajaayaa kehoo(n) nrith kae nachaayaa kehoo(n) nar ko akaar ho ||
Here you are a singer of songs, there You are a flute player; here you are a performer of dancing, there you assume the form of Man.

khUM byd bwnI khUM kok kI khwnI khUM rwjw khUM rwnI khUM nwr ky pRkwr ho ]
kehoo(n) baedh baanee kehoo(n) kok kee kehaanee kehoo(n) raajaa kehoo(n) raanee kehoo(n) naar kae prakaar ho ||
Somewhere You are the mouthpiece of Vedas; elsewhere a fictional account on sexology; here a king, there a queen and elsewhere, you look like a lady.

khUM byn ky bj~Xw khUM Dyn ky cr~Xw khUM lwKn lv~Xw khUM sMudr kumwr ho ]
kehoo(n) baen kae bajaayaa kehoo(n) dhhaen kae charaayaa kehoo(n) laakhan lavaayaa kehoo(n) sa(n)udhar kumaar ho ||
Somewhere You are a Flute player, elsewhere you are a herdsman of Cows; somewhere you get Yourself branded with stigmas, elsewhere You are a charming youth.

suDqw kI swn ho ik sMqn ky pRwn ho ik dwqw mhw dwn ho ik inRdoKI inrMkwr ho ]8] 18]
sudhhathaa kee saan ho k sa(n)than kae praan ho k dhaathaa mehaa dhaan ho k nridhokhee nira(n)kaar ho ||8|| 18||
Are you the glory of purity, or the lifeblood of the saints? Are You a great donor and bestower or are You Guiltless and incorporeal? (8)(18)

inrjur inrUp ho ik sMudr srUp ho ik BUpn ky BUp ho ik dwqw mhw dwn ho ]
nirajur niroop ho k sa(n)udhar saroop ho k bhoopan kae bhoop ho k dhaathaa mehaa dhaan ho ||
You are free from disease and are formless; You have a pretty complexion; You are the Monarch over kings; You are the bestower of stupendous bounties.

pRwn ky bc~Xw dUD pUq ky idv~Xw rog sog ky imt~Xw ikDO mwnI mhw mwn ho ]
praan kae bachaayaa dhoodhh pooth kae dhivaayaa rog sog kae mittaayaa kidhha maanee mehaa maan ho ||
You are the saviour of life. The provider of milk and male offspring, the eradicator of malady and grief, and are venerable and deserve high esteem.

ibidAw ky ibcwr ho ik AdYUyu Avqwr ho ik is~Dqw kI sUriq ho ik su~Dqw kI swn ho ]
bidhiaa kae bichaar ho k adhaiooae avathaar ho k sdhhithaa kee soorath ho k sudhhathaa kee saan ho ||
You contemplate over the subject of knowledge, You are a unique Incarnation, you are the embodiment of Success and splendour of Untaintedness.

jobn ky jwl ho ik kwl hUM ky kwl ho ik sqRn ky sUl ho ik imqRn ky pRwn ho ] 9] 19]
joban kae jaal ho k kaal hoo(n) kae kaal ho k sathran kae sool ho k mithran kae praan ho || 9|| 19||
You conspire to entrap the youth, You are death's executioner, you are the torture to your enemies, You are the life breath for your friends. (9)(19)

khUM bRhm bwd khUM ibidAw ko ibKwd khUM nwd ko nnwd khUM pUrn Bgq ho ]
kehoo(n) breham baadh kehoo(n) bidhiaa ko bikhaadh kehoo(n) naadh ko nanaadh kehoo(n) pooran bhagath ho ||
Here you are involved in a discussion on the soul and its relation to the ultimate being, there you are caught up in a debate on knowledge; here you are resonance in Music, there you are an accomplished worshipper.

khUM byd rIq khUM ibidAw kI pRqIq khUM nIq Aau AnIq khUUM juAwlw sI jgq ho ]
kehoo(n) baedh reeth kehoo(n) bidhiaa kee pratheeth kehoo(n) neeth ao aneeth kehoooo(n) juaalaa see jagath ho ||
Here you are the Votary of the Vedas, there you pin your faith on Attaining Knowledge; here you are a symbol of Statesmanship and a taint of injustice and elsewhere You scintillate like fire.

pUrn pRqwp khUM iekwqI ko jwp khUM qwp ko Aqwp khUM jog qy ifgq ho ]
pooran prathaap kehoo(n) eikaathee ko jaap kehoo(n) thaap ko athaap kehoo(n) jog thae ddigath ho ||
Here you own a perfect magnificence, there you are a solitary ascetic reciting prayers. Here you are in anguish and elsewhere in tranquillity. There you drop of Yoga practice.

khUM br dyq khUM Cl isau iCnwie lyq srb kwl srb Taur eyk sy lgq ho ]10] 20]
kehoo(n) bar dhaeth kehoo(n) shhal sio shhinaae laeth sarab kaal sarab t(h)our eaek sae lagath ho ||10|| 20||
Here you grant a blessing, there you snatch such a gift by means of deception; you look the same at all times and in all places. (10)(20)

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