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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
03 - Harjinder Singh - Madho Abidya Hit Keen Harjinder Singh (Sri Nagar Wale) Kahey Ravidas Part 1 HSinghDCWale


This Shabad is by Bhagat Ravi Daas Ji in Raag Aasaa on Pannaa 486

Awsw bwxI sRI rivdws jIau kI
aasaa baanee sree ravidhaas jeeo kee
Aasaa, The Word Of The Reverend Ravi Daas Jee:

siqgur pRswid ]
ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

imRg mIn iBRMg pqMg kuMcr eyk doK ibnws ]
mrig meen bhri(n)g patha(n)g ku(n)char eaek dhokh binaas ||
The deer, the fish, the bumble bee, the moth and the elephant are destroyed, each for a single defect.

pMc doK AswD jw mih qw kI kyqk Aws ]1]
pa(n)ch dhokh asaadhh jaa mehi thaa kee kaethak aas ||1||
So the one who is filled with the five incurable vices - what hope is there for him? ||1||

mwDo AibidAw ihq kIn ]
maadhho abidhiaa hith keen ||
O Lord, he is in love with ignorance.

ibbyk dIp mlIn ]1] rhwau ]
bibaek dheep maleen ||1|| rehaao ||
His lamp of clear wisdom has grown dim. ||1||Pause||

iqRgd join Acyq sMBv puMn pwp Asoc ]
thrigadh jon achaeth sa(n)bhav pu(n)n paap asoch ||
The creeping creatures live thoughtless lives, and cannot discriminate between good and evil.

mwnuKw Avqwr dulB iqhI sMgiq poc ]2]
maanukhaa avathaar dhulabh thihee sa(n)gath poch ||2||
It is so difficult to obtain this human incarnation, and yet, they keep company with the low. ||2||

jIA jMq jhw jhw lgu krm ky bis jwie ]
jeea ja(n)th jehaa jehaa lag karam kae bas jaae ||
Wherever the beings and creatures are, they are born according to the karma of their past actions.

kwl Pws AbD lwgy kCu n clY aupwie ]3]
kaal faas abadhh laagae kashh n chalai oupaae ||3||
The noose of death is unforgiving, and it shall catch them; it cannot be warded off. ||3||

rivdws dws audws qju BRmu qpn qpu gur igAwn ]
ravidhaas dhaas oudhaas thaj bhram thapan thap gur giaan ||
O servant Ravi Daas, dispel your sorrow and doubt, and know that Guru-given spiritual wisdom is the penance of penances.

Bgq jn BY hrn prmwnµd krhu indwn ]4]1]
bhagath jan bhai haran paramaana(n)dh karahu nidhaan ||4||1||
O Lord, Destroyer of the fears of Your humble devotees, make me supremely blissful in the end. ||4||1||

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