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Shabad Kirtan
Dhadi Vaaran
Gurmat Veechar
Gurbani Uchaaran
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Track Shabad

This shabad has been sung by the following:
Title Artist Album Shabad Submitter
Arvinderpal Singh - Chal Re Baikunth Tujhe Arvinderpal Singh Shabad Gurbani HSinghDCWale
02 - Davinder Singh Sodhi - Chal Re Chal Re Baikunth Tujhe Davinder Singh Sodhi (Ludhiane Wale) Chaleya Vanjara admin
01 - Mohinderjeet Singh - Chalre Baikunth Tujhe Le Taarou Mohinderjeet Singh (Delhi Wale) Reham Teri Sukh Paiya HSinghDCWale
05 - Mohinderjeet Singh - Chal Re Baikunth Mohinderjeet Singh (Delhi Wale) Chal Re Baikunth nihang


This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 329

gauVI kbIr jI ]
gourree kabeer jee ||
Gauree, Kabeer Jee:

dyie muhwr lgwmu pihrwvau ]
dhaee muhaar lagaam pehiraavo ||
I have grasped the reins and attached the bridle;

sgl q jInu ggn daurwvau ]1]
sagal th jeen gagan dhouraavo ||1||
abandoning everything, I now ride through the skies. ||1||

ApnY bIcwir AsvwrI kIjY ]
apanai beechaar asavaaree keejai ||
I made self-reflection my mount,

shj kY pwvVY pgu Dir lIjY ]1] rhwau ]
sehaj kai paavarrai pag dhhar leejai ||1|| rehaao ||
and in the stirrups of intuitive poise, I placed my feet. ||1||Pause||

clu ry bYkuMT quJih ly qwrau ]
chal rae baiku(n)t(h) thujhehi lae thaaro ||
Come, and let me ride you to heaven.

ihcih q pRym kY cwbuk mwrau ]2]
hichehi th praem kai chaabuk maaro ||2||
If you hold back, then I shall strike you with the whip of spiritual love. ||2||

khq kbIr Bly Asvwrw ] byd kqyb qy rhih inrwrw ]3]31]
kehath kabeer bhalae asavaaraa || baedh kathaeb thae rehehi niraaraa ||3||31||
Says Kabeer, those who remain detached from the Vedas, the Koran and the Bible are the best riders. ||3||31||

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